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  1. Holy shit! I didnt know there was a feature like that :D
  2. You are a perfect modder and person. I really would like to donate you some bucks if you can take it :)
  3. I was wondering if there is a precum or vagina getting wet mod? I mean an effect on pussy just like creampie effect of kinky world?
  4. Your animations are fantastic! I just wonder if you can make some dog on dog animations too? (Animal mating, not bestiality stuff) Best of the luck
  5. Is there any mod that i can have morphable vaginas that works just like CmarNYC's morphing penis and nipples? Like you can edit tightness, size and shape? I would really appreciate if you can send me one
  6. Fuck no! I'm sure they are fantastic but my game is completely modded and set up for KW. Is it possible to convert them and where can i find them anyway?
  7. I was talking about adult breastfeeding. You know what im saying? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8. I know its off topic but, I'm wondering if you can make a breastfeeding mod too? Best of the luck :)
  9. Neat work you got there. Looks way better than the bullcrap that EA made
  10. Hi! I just wanted to check the state of mod and i can easily say that it looks fantastic! It seems like its been a month since your last reply in this thread so i cant tell if you are still keeping on with that or abandoned it but im saying it anyway. You got this, we are all looking forward to see the playable version and integrate to our games
  11. Activity on this topic got increased a lot! Does that mean anything? Like its going to release
  12. I was looking for a normal body with cellulites but it would do the trick too when i use body width slider. Thank you :)
  13. Title says it all, do you know any mods for that?
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