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  1. I've been trying to figure out the issue with crafting potions, when ever I try to craft anything with alchemy, I get forced out after crafting any potions saying "You don't have any more vials for potions". Even after adding in the empty vials with additemsearch I'm still getting the same message after being tabbed out of the alchemy crafting menu.
  2. For collision I tried both CBPC and SMP with the 3BBB body, or I think that's how the body works since you can toggle either SMP or CPBC ingame. You shouldn't use ASOS with ABC, since they're incompatible with each other. When I said that oddly enough ASOS HDT worked with out issue, I meant as in with a clean save without ABC. I'm unaware about any patches that merges ABC and ASOS, but I am still new to SSE. ABC worked fine in LE, but I haven't updated anything in LE for a solid 2 years or so. I was able to get ABC partially working? And this is after reinstalling both MNC and
  3. Yep, been having the same issue as well, still no idea what I'm doing wrong. I have all the requirements installed, but nothing appears besides the sheaths. Oddly enough, if I switch over to ASOS everything works normally including collision.
  4. Maybe I'm blind and didn't see incompatibilities, I was wondering is this is compatible with the mod Sexlab Survival?
  5. Might be a potential issue playing as a Khajiit, the guards no matter what assume I'm wielding some sort of weapon even though my entire inventory is empty besides the DD collar. After switching to a nord with racemenu, the issue did not persist. Could it be that the claws for Khajiits are considered weapons as well? Edit: Nvm, encountered the same issue few moments later playing as an elf. Not sure what's causing the guards to think I'm holding some kind of weapon.
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