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  1. The image in the screen looks like the 'LeatherHobbleDressOpen' which as far as I can see does not have any other colours other than leather. There does appear to be something wrong with the 'open' part there. Mine looks like this: The 'LeatherElegantDress' does appear to have the colour variants. I'm using DDx 4.1. on LE.
  2. The limit is 255 - a couple the game needs. It's a hexadecimal limit is it not, in that if you go beyond 255 hex needs an extra digit? "As you might know, running the CreationKit from MO works like with any other executable and MO should discover the CK automatically if it's installed. But since the Papyrus Script Compiler is a 64bit executable and MO doesn't support those, you can't compile scripts from the CK." https://stepmodifications.org/forum/topic/6214-howto-use-creationkit-from-mo/
  3. Judging by the mess that is in all the screenshots and the questions and statements you have posted I would suggest that you are a long way off modding Skyrim with any success. I don't run SE so I don't know about the ENBs for it but you are using an LE ENB from 2014 which is designed to work with enb series .250. LE enb series is up to around .450 now. 😬 😬 😬
  4. Err, I meant that one needs the Gender boxed ticked because one is using Sexlab.
  5. Wow. For starters you are the first person I can recall posting in the SE section but using LE. That FNIS install is a complete mess. You need to watch a video or three to learn how to install it. Your animations will never work while your FNIS is jiggered. https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/SkyrimLE:2.10.0 https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/7521-conglomerate-01-installing-skyrim-stability-fixes-tools/ How do you know it should be when you have no idea of what animations he has? It only needs ticking if there are animations which req
  6. This is LE tech support, SE has its own section. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/136543-mod-organizer-2-other-tools-from-zero-to-hey-sexlab-is-working/ You need to do a lot of reading. If you have not mastered the basics of your mod manager then you are not going to get far modding Skyrim. The eye mismatch is because he is blind in the right eye.
  7. We don't need VAR for this one. Definitely interfering with the goalkeeper.
  8. It is not looking for the game folder, it is looking for the Skyfem ignores.txt file. Have you looked to see if there is a folder named 'Edit Scripts' with a that text file in there? There shouldn't be any such files in that folder.
  9. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/136543-mod-organizer-2-other-tools-from-zero-to-hey-sexlab-is-working/
  10. Why not say how you fixed it, it may help some one in the future.
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