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  1. Currently, up to 12 people are possible. But I want 20 or more. I want to make FKK. I need more women. Currently, 12 are too few. Please come true my little wish.
  2. hello. I am writing using a translator. Thanks for the comment. I wanted to make a beach with free sex. But it seems difficult now. I just got an answer from Turbodrive from Patron. Quite a long time ago, the probability of having sex in public places has decreased. I saw an experiment on outdoor sex in your old forum post. We are thinking same now. I hope the turbodriver will solve this problem. And I hope to add a feature that allows for very frequent sex in a particular area.
  3. Sex doesn't work outdoors. I set it to a very high degree of autonomy. In parks and beaches, all Sims enter the bathroom. Without walls, I never have sex.
  4. I'm so excited. I've been waiting for a long time. Thank you very much.
  5. Lock the romance channel and the original romance channel will disappear. If you lock the channel, let the original romance channel come out. If you upgrade your TV, it would be nice if the romance channel turned into a porn channel.
  6. What is the difference between the Patron version?
  7. That's right, for now, it's the only way I manually manipulate autonomy. What I want is usually normal, but when I go to a nude beach or strip club, I want it to be an extreme sexual environment automatically. Now I have to save the preset and change it whenever I want. Hopefully this feature will be added later.
  8. Hello. I want to create a very frequent sex place. Free will usually wants to be normal. But I want to make it possible to have sex very often if I go only to this special place. I had to make the lot type'Hypersexual Lot Trait', but when free will was normal, sex wasn't frequent. How can you make the perfect sex paradise place?
  9. Hello. I invited my club friends to the house. I have prostitutes in my family. But the club friends despise them when they talk to prostitutes. They didn't do anything. I just had a conversation. They usually had no problem with their reputation. Is this originally like this? If not, I definitely want to fix this problem.
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