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  1. i like the present very much its beautyful! but there is just one problem, if i use it and wear suits in the body middle the textures get streched. the same issue that the bodybuilderpresent from redheadsims has too. so i think if you maby would do a second version as an top or better  as  tights (leggings). then we could where it just for naked or half naked sceneries and had no textureissus. but that was just my thiking aabout it i love your gay stuff!!!!!

  2. its a bodymesh by redheadsims https://redheadsims-cc.blogspot.com/2018/07/bodybuild-presets.html
  3. since a few weeks i have a problem with random sims also butlers - the have no faceskin anymore - you can look trough them. i use the wicked wims tones since they came out- never had problems. what could it be - have no idea - so please help me.
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