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  1. I just noticed something. Is Ivy compatible with Get Dirty/CWSS? I can't seem to get her clean, as soon as she steps out of the shower she is instant dirty. There doesn't seem to be anything complicated with the setup. Install Get Dirty, then CWSS, then the CWSS+GetDirty Patch. My character stays clean but not Ivy. Just wondering if this is because she is a custom follower. Edit: Don't know why she won't get clean so I'll just disable it for companions to get dirty.
  2. Heard the new VO for Ivy. I like her and she sounds good but I got so used to the computer voice lol. Would 6.0 update be expected of a new game or kick off from where we at?
  3. The reason I can't do XDI is because of the companion Ivy mod. There was something about XDI is too closed off mod or something. I can't find the info photo they had explaining XDI and AFT. Edit: Found it I guess I can try to clean XDI masters and see how FDI handles it. Do you use XDI for the custom strings or just because its easier to use for the game than the + style dialog?
  4. Yep. Tested it and had them working. Collar and all (only tested normal handcuffs and one collar, but figure it works across the board)
  5. I got so immersed that I forgot she had a robot voice, I got instantly used to her current one.
  6. Is this possible to just use with Full Dialog Interface? I can't use XDI because of another mod. (Had to move on from XDI to FDI)
  7. I already just started with Ivy and been going through what I can, dear God I'm impressed! Story alone got me hooked.
  8. Awesome! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. With a bit of trial and error I got it working! Now just need to get the collars the same and all set. Seems the Servatron didn't have any collars setup.
  9. Any possibility for Real Handcuffs to work with the Ikaros race mod?
  10. Is there a good unlimited companion ammo mod to use with Ivy? Since we can't use AFT.
  11. Thankfully I noticed the comment from EgoBallistic about CWSS. I have vs 4.01 and I followed the install guide in When I did a test animation with a new character in the bathroom right when you start, the only items that showed up in the list was the toilet, couch, chair and bed. The shower was not showing up even though I was standing next to it. I had CWSS installed before doing the AAF setup so it was selected in every mod that had a checkbox for it. Guess I'll just have to wait till things are updated for CWSS.
  12. I took my question about Hardship to the Hardship forum. I noticed some things after testing this with me being male and impregnated a female settler. For this test I reduced the FPE months variable to 1 day instead of default 3 to make it easier for testing. The method to change days was to just sleep in bed in the same settlement. What I noticed is that some days the settler will have the pregnant belly and other days she did not. Also if I had the morph power to max it caused issues with the back waist as there where holes and extended a small bit out. I'm using Fu
  13. I think this is a bit above me but I think maybe there are tags bugs when using this mod and Family Planning mod. My toon would get the notification of chance of pregnancy and one save did get pregnant when the only animations used that Hardships called for where blowjobs or anal. Edit: A side note, I noticed MCM doesn't hold all the options that the object item does. Is this known or indented? Just find MCM easier to manage my mods.
  14. I'm not sure what is wrong but I can't find the boss in Corvega. I have looked all outside and inside the plant. I have not received a quest. This is an older playthrough and this was cleared before but its full of raiders now. When I got there the first raider did talk to me and placed a collar on. Edit: NM After awhile of exploring and then after my toon got raped I finally got the quest. Sort of wish it was from the first raider that collared me.
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