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    I spend more time looking at mod clothing in Bodyslide than actually using it in game because wow outfits are pretty.

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  1. I have had issues with Whiterun specifically, like I'll play for hours and now getting a lot of crashes in Whiterun/around Dragonsreach. I have logs but have zero idea what could be causing the crash. I could go through each mod one by one and test, but I assume since I have resources that the logs have at least a little bit to tell, I just have no idea how to understand what they're saying. I have another dump from skse too, and can share it. I don't have Papyrus logging enabled because I've reason to believe it doesn't actually help, as per the Nexus Crash Fixes mod page. Crash fixes log: My modwatch: https://modwat.ch/u/kittierae
  2. Thank you for that! D: not sure where that mix up happened but I tried it twice and it had hip seams and CBBE sliders in BS both times. But seems it's all fixed now, thanks for hosting it!
  3. This armor isn't one I'd use in my game since it's not super duper lore friendly, but from the shots posted, your retexture is absolutely beautiful. Very glad to have found your files. The morag tong one is my fav. Also, if you don't mind me asking... what hair is your model using in the screenshots you posted, c5kev?
  4. On my first download of the link you posted, it seemed to be CBBE Bodyslide version. I'm going to try redownloading, however I do not have any CBBE stuff in my current MO install so I'm not expecting it to be UUNP once I redownload. Thanks anyway for the link; I can convert it to UUNP myself if I get desperate. However I figured I'd let you know you're linking the CBBE version instead. :-)
  5. huntressaela

    Girls of LoversLab

    If I had a reliable computer that would open the Creation Kit without crashing instantly on a regular basis, I'd get to creating my own romance mod ASAP. Perhaps with lesbian focus bc I'm primarily a gay lady PC. Maybe one day. I should start writing it tbh so once I finally can afford a PC I can trust I can just make it with all the stuff already in. Also I ship FemShep and literally all the ladies. Though I am partial to Asari bc blue grils do it for me.
  6. huntressaela

    Girls of LoversLab

    Boobs are the bestest. Then again I am attracted to mens and womens so my perspective may be different Cleavage in outfits is my guilty pleasure, and if it weren't for LL I prob never would've found the greatest body mod of all time the TiddyMcButt Body so ty fellow perverts. Also really the only issue I've had as a female-born person in the modding community is there's not a whole lot tailored toward a good mix of fluffy romantic stuff that also includes sexy times. Skyrim Romance is the only mod I know of that has both. Amorous Adventures almost gets there but it's kind of held back by the original constraints of Skyrim's voice acting. Only Serana's quest line feels good, and that's bc Serana's probably the only decently fleshed out vanilla NPC Anyway, now I'm just ramblin on. If anyone wants to post their cleavage-y screenshots I'm here for it tho.
  7. huntressaela

    Plugins Not Loading?

    I'm having the weirdest thing happen. When trying to load a save, skyrim says that I am missing a whole lot of important esm's that I don't think the game would have loaded without, and on top of that, I know for a fact I have enabled. Mod Organizer does not show that these aren't loaded. Load order: I'm not sure what to do.
  8. Hopping on the necro train to remark that Eskyrim is a GODSEND. Thank you for blessing us with it, Amkte.
  9. huntressaela

    Why is my character's waist so small? [RESOLVED]

    Final update: I'm not entirely certain what the root cause of the strangely shaped body was, but I have eliminated the issue so I'm happy. Turns out I did not actually have the head saved from the previous preset, but I loaded up one I already had and tweaked her and to be honest I think she looks much more like the character I had in mind anyway. Many thanks to you all for your help!
  10. huntressaela

    Why is my character's waist so small? [RESOLVED]

    I'm sure it's possible, but highly unlikely. That is a widget from Realistic Needs and Diseases and I've used that for a while and never experienced this issue. I've reinstalled my skeleton and rebuilt the body in Bodyslide, as well as reinstalling RaceMenu. Aaaaaaand now I'm crashing before I can even load up my old saves. Guess I'll try a new game. Papyrus log attached. Papyrus.0.log.7z UPDATE: I started a new game without loading my character preset that I had previously made for my character and the issue did NOT persist. I'm really sad, because she was beautiful, but there must be something wrong with that preset. :S Luckily I saved her head sculpt so I'll figure it out. UPDATE 2: I still can't use the CBBE Sliders without CTD. Gonna attach updated papyrus log. I'm also using Crash Fixes, I'll see if there's something in the configuration settings about Bodyslide Sliders; I know it can cause crashes with Racemenu sometimes. --- Papyrus.log.7z UPDATE 3: Yep, it was Crash Fixes. From the mod page: Hope it doesn't mess up the flow of the game. Anyone know if changing this back to 0 when I'm done editing sliders will be safe?
  11. huntressaela

    Why is my character's waist so small? [RESOLVED]

    Apologies about not including LO in the first post; I didn't know how/didn't know if it was relevant. I'll just include it with all inquiries from now on. Load Order from MO: Not all are active but are incorporated into the Bashed patch. Some are merged plugins. Also, I seem to CTD every time I attempt to change Racemenu Bodyslide sliders. D:
  12. I have run into an issue and for the life of me cannot figure out why it's happening. My PC looks like this: With an extremely nipped in waist that is NOT how I built the body in BS. I have run into this issue before as well, using UUNP (I'm using CBBE atm, with a personally edited preset based on CBBE Curvy). Does anyone know why this is happening? This waist issue persists when nude and wearing clothing, even vanilla clothing, though when wearing modded Bodyslide prisoner clothes it is more noticeable. PLS HELP I WILL REWARD YOU WITH SEXY SCREENIES. Tati just wants to be more realistically proportioned, y'all.
  13. Also since I don't want to make another thread, if anyone has a CBBE Bodyslide conversion of the West Wind Assault Armor, I'd be very grateful. I cannot seem to find any working links to any that showed up on Google; I also seem to recall reading that Brokefoot isn't too fond of CBBE conversions, so if it's a big deal, then nevermind -- I'm more than capable of making it work for my own personal use. I'm far too big a fan of their work to disrespect them. :3
  14. I have been searching and have yet to find a Bodyslide conversion for Karter's DEM Engineer Dress. I am partial to CBBE, so if someone has or would be willing to create a CBBE Bodyslide conversion, I'd be very grateful. Alternatively, as I am pretty used to making my own conversions for personal use, if anyone knows if DEM - CBBE conversions are as simple as replacing models in Outfit Studio and/or changing partitions (in outfit studio), I suppose I could do it myself. So this is a request/search for not only a conversion but perhaps just information.
  15. Hello General Discussion! I am working on building a hyper-modded and specifically customized playthrough, and as such would like to take on some of the smaller issues I might have had with mods in the past so that I can tweak them for my specific taste. I have been fiddling around in the Creation Kit and googling for a while but there's so much to sift through and I'm not even sure what I'm looking for, I just know what I want the end result to be. Basically, I would like some help/a tutorial on how to take NPCs from existing mods and edit every part of their mesh and textures (as well as potentially add racemenu overlays/tintmasks/warpaints and/or beards/scars) using either Creation Kit or whatever particular utility would be best used for that goal. Specifically, at the moment I would like to add a custom body texture (or tattoos as a RM overlay) for Bishop of Skyrim Romance, but I can't seem to find where his body textures are located at (if he even uses textures aside from whatever replacer I have installed [as of right now it is Vitruvia - Skin Texture Overhaul for Males, SOS full version]) in order to replace them, which is what I've done in the past for customization of textures from downloaded mods. I figure now's as good a time as any to finally wiggle my way around the CK and other modding utilities, so any sort of guidance on how exactly to visually overhaul NPCs would be great. :-) tl;dr - Help me give Bishop tattoos and Ulfric warpaint pls