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  1. Whenever Wherever Cut_2.mp4 LOL, when you used Heimskr as the dancer using various mods/commands to change his appearance (set voice sound to low or off), it will look like the character is singing while dancing. Fuz Ro Doh - based Mods will work too but there's no expression. I indeed found some dances with delayed motion or song, but if all of them are delayed in your game, try to reduce the toggles in Let's Dance Again's MCM settings. During my potato gameplay, I've had that delay issue if at least 2 toggles like TCL and TAI are both on. But I have never experi
  2. What skin texture are you using? TIA It looks very detailed.
  3. I don't know if this is the mod, because of the name but I'm still using it and this is the only mod in my load order that doesn't look like the others and only contains SKSE scripts. The file name is All in one-32444-2-1582543914.zip Tell me if it's not what you're looking for, I'll delete it right away. I assume you're aware of the bugs?
  4. DovahBling's female-only version has HDT support: nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53767? Download the main file and install over the optional female version. I had used it during my LE playthrough and the physics was pretty decent.
  5. Thanks, I've successfully compiled it yesterday an hour after the 'edit'. Plus I've made a .bat file so I wouldn't have to go though CK or a third-party tool to compile new changes. BTW, I've been using this mod in LE (no modifications) but the Special Edition's performance is a lot better IMO, even with lot's of SMP stuffs, Example, the "ChaCha" dance shared in the previous pages: Actual Title: "De Hombre a Mujer" ChaCha_Cut.mp4
  6. Hi, I've replaced most of the dances and their respective dance length, all is good in the game. Now, I want to change the name of the dances in the MCM menu and edited the psc file. The problem is: I'm having trouble compiling xLetsDanceMenu.psc using either Creation kit's Compiler or SSScript. SSScript's object window is showing lots of errors but I'm positive that all scripts from Scripts.zip are extracted to the right folders. Compiling other scripts like Armor.psc is fine. What could be the issue? Thanks! BTW, it's for Skyrim Special Edition. Ed
  7. Thank you very much for this conversion, btw, I've noticed some bugs (that's if you're not already aware of them). 1. 'Wave' dance's dancer number 3's animation isn't converted for SSE; so when dancing, only player 3 stays on Tpose. 2. 'Sting' dance has '30sexy' motion and song. I haven't tested the other dances.
  8. Yes, that's fine (Aside from the weird physics and clipping) It looks like this, good for "loli~ing" (ehm~ 18+) female characters.
  9. Opening the console right after the dancers positioned themselves then wait for few (10-20) seconds do the trick for me. I think, this should be "With your outfit" (Probably a typo). Since the clone has the same outfit as the MC, not the mod's resources.
  10. I would like to report that the latest version's 'Moves Like Jagger' motion was missing. Others have no problem at all. Remarks: Other bugs: It takes about 30 seconds to start a dance if the "animated camera" (actually, it's "remove weapon") was enabled. The best dances in the pack so far: Unkown Mother Goose (very smooth motion), Over the Moon (very smooth motion captured Chinese song) and others like OneFourThree & Luvatorrrrrry! (Less Smooth Motions)
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