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  1. Take a look at his site. You'll find a CBBE link there. http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/20128562.html Thank you! I have used this in the past, but it doesn't match the quality of the SC armor. I think I'll have to wait until someone talented edits it and shares it. I hope this is soon!
  2. A CBBE bodyslided version of the SC Witch of the Wilds armor would make my swamp-witch dreams come true. If someone can make this a reality, they'll have my gratitude for eternity! http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1400.html <-- good screenies
  3. Is anyone interested in doing the T6M Pink Princess Outfit for FO4 for CBBE - Bodyslide? I've been looking for armors that reminded me of Tank Girl for days, and found almost none. This would be really great to have though. Thanks!
  4. Sorry, but you need the author's invitation to enter that site. Raven blocked public access. Oh, okay. Is there away to ask them, or should I leave it well enough alone? Thank you
  5. Does anyone know where to find the Sparrow Mashup? I can't get into the Blogspot page. Seems I'm on a huge mod hunt today.
  6. This? It's the only one I used that has something akin to a pulled back hood. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/39983/? AHH! You found it! I should have remembered; I love her work. Thanks!!
  7. My bad, didn't realize that was just an incomplete conversion. Minidress Collection This should be everything he's completed so far. I don't plan on keeping it up to date, but maybe when he's all done I'll take another look if someone else hasn't already. Will this work with the standalone?
  8. There used to be a mod I had that had an equipable pulled back hood that rested on your shoulders. I loved having it as an accessory, but I can no longer find it. Does anyone know where this mod is or what it was? It was a light tan colored hood, as far as I remember. I had it last year, but my old computer blew up.
  9. Hi! I've been looking for a dragon bone tail that IS NOT HDT for a looong time. Nearly 8 months. I can't get *any* HDT tails mods working correctly for me, and I don't have the knowledge to edit the XML file for HDT Dragon Tails to stop the jittering in open world terrain, otherwise I'd definitely be using that... Is there *any* possible way someone could create this for me..? Or tell me where to find it? I have a dragon tail mod without HDT, but I really don't like the tails, or their animations. I was hoping that IF someone was willing to make this mod for me, if they could use alternate tail animations so they don't look like a stick hanging above your butt when you run. (Of course, I have no idea if this is possible, and would be willing to take what I can get. I don't know if the tails would use the same animation as regular in-game tails, so maybe just replacing the in-game animation would change it) Hoping and praying and crossing my fingers etc that someone can help me out, because I've been practically tearing my hair out trying to figure out how to get these tails working. No one on the Nexus will even reply to me, so this is a last resort request! Thank you, everyone ;_; <3
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