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  1. if someone is willing to port the texture, i can port the models i suppose. My only big issue is to match the penis texture with the body...
  2. The issue with looksmenu camera can be turn around by drawing a weapon. I also recommend using something like Wash Out that Cum to clean the overlays in a more immersive way. It seems to happen when the overlays are applied and you save and close your game right away (before the overlay fade out which takes 300 seconds)
  3. A new Skeleton ID (now the actual skeleton file) could be created for him just so AAF can recognize him as different actor to mutant hound.
  4. You can ignore those for now. Neb script will handle all the cum overlays already.
  5. The dismember disable doesnt seem to work. Ive also noticed that supermutants ragdolls 100% of the time when they coming to your way, usually when using melee weapons. I think it has something to do with death anims.
  6. There's always a way around. Just no one experienced with skeletons around to help us out Thank @SilverPerv for that. I just incorporated in this resource pack.
  7. The AAF schema was essential for me to switch my xmls to the new AAF format.
  8. This is an AAF Patch. Its supposed to be used for AAF mods not 4play mods. Plus the Moans will only play for gay anims as i said
  9. It does depend: - Which mod are you using to trigger the AAF anims? - You dont get the moans in Gay anims? cus they wont work with Straight anims without support - Which mod manager do you use? - Which animations are you trying to play that doesnt play the moans? Have you tried from other animation packs? I'd need the EXACT name of the anim for analysis
  10. Hello @Vachnic, CBP is not required. I think this can be applied to any body.
  11. for fallout 4 you pretty much will use AAF mods, i like to use: AAF MCG AAF Violate AAF Zodiac AAF Hardhips (but better wait for the 1.6 update cus its gonna require a save game without previous Hardship versions installed)
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