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  1. LST BravilUnderground LDD's Addon #1

    This script evolved from the notion of fixing a few grammatical issues and logical errors that may have appeared within LSTBravilUnderground.  Some were minor nuisances in verb tenses, others were instances were paragraphs of dialog were completely out of order.  After that,  more extensive work was performed, all while keeping the main content of the storyline intact.
    But along with that, some new graphics have been added, new conditions have been added,  and some of the underlying scripts have been altered in order to prevent unexpected errors or enhance gameplay.

    Grammatical corrections for asking for in-game jobs from NPCs Customized book jackets and revised book scripts Updated and fixed in-game items, item descriptions and NPC names Repaired a crucial script that was to allow a specific quest to complete  
    Bonus features were added too.  However, the spirit of BravilUnderground is that of exploration and discovery. So clues as to what these features and changes are is being withheld.

    The package includes only two files;  LSTBru-Addon1.esp & LSTBru-Addon1.bsa
    The LSTBru-Addon1.esp merely needs to be below LSTBravilUnderground your mod order.  And it does not interfere with Fejeena's LST Addons.
    This patch was initially designed for Bravil Underground v0.96 v2.  However, it does work with the No-MBP version.

    This mod  was designed with the original MBP (Modular Beautiful People) version, yet does work well with the No-MBP edition that has been ported. Edits to existing NPCs were minor and mostly  performed to references and not the NPCs directly.  Only one NPC was directly altered, using a custom race with no dependencies.  What MBP resources are used within this mod were copied over and made as separate resources within the accompanying/required BSA file.




    Tamago / Hiyoko Master Set
    by Japanese Modder
    Hakumen Oshite Mairu
    uploaded and edited by LongDukDong

    Now easy to find in the Download section, the latest versions of the minimum required files for the Tamago Hiyoko system, some files now updated to work with LoversCreatures 2.5 and Tamago Fertility Clinic v 2.1 Dukky.

    There are THREE downloads of your choice
    1) The OMOD version of the Tamago/Hiyoko set for use with x117Race characters as originally designed
    2) The OMOD version of the Tamago/Hiyoko set with the dependency of the x117Race stripped, using vanilla races only
    3) The ZIP file containing content for both versions
    You need choose only one set with all five mods listed below.  Download all three sets if you want, but you can only play one version of the set at a time.
    What does the package entail?

    v1.15c Rev 6.1 - LDD Edit version
    TamagoClub is a reproduction and fertility cycle simulator, allowing males to produce sperm and females to undergo menstrual cycles and become pregnant.  And thanks to an extensive (and now cleanly rewritten) INI file, you can set options that control character pregnancy cycles, inventory messages and timing.
    Objects key to reproduction will be available and seen in your inventory, and the player can control realism settings thanks to a spell  (or Lesser Power).  But unlike the original, you can now decrease realism factors just as much as you can increase them.
    As always, female characters are gifted with a womb based on game settings.  And while creatures can be gifted with a womb based on the TamagoClub's INI file, this new revision by LongDukDong recognizes female creatures from LoversCreature 2.5 and applies wombs to them just the same.
    Unlike versions earlier to Revision 4.4, Tamagoclub can now block or prevent the reproductive systems of actors that are either dead, undead or have stock 'vanilla' vampirism. This can prevent the production/release of sperm at the end of coitus and the release of eggs during the ovulation phase. Such options are also built within TamagoClub's INI file. Please note that it is solely based on vanilla vampirism as it doesn't account for outside mods.
    *As a note, this still doesn't change how TamagoClub handles the differences between Persistent (static) characters and Random (dynamic) characters.  While regular female characters may carry pregnancy to full term while the player is away, the system's cleaning function may 'reap' and reset such content. Of course, this is based on the configured cleaning function which is currently set at the highest level to keep savegame files the smallest.
    *     *     *
    v1.10a Rev5.0 - LDD Edit version
    HiyokoClub is a progeny production simulator, allowing females to give birth to children created by the TamagoClub Master.  While TamagoClub controls the mechanics of reproduction in Oblivion, it is this system which supports the creation of actual child characters based on the genetic information from the parents.  However, it does require genetic generator mods for the final product to be borne (supplied in the package).
    While the TamagoClub mod handles the mechanics of reproduction, HiyokoClub runs checks when a child is to be borne into the world.  This option is controlled by the HiyokoClub's extensive (and now cleaner) INI file.  However, it is now compatible with the Tamago Fertility Clinic AddOn v 2.5f and TamagoFertilityClinic v 2.0Dukky for induced labor options.
    And since the development of Revision 3.7z, the use of the hggf_hiyokoclub_fix.esp is no longer required for those using hiyokoGeneratorGeneForge.
    *A small reminder, it is the HiyokoClub.Ini file that includes the option for female characters to produce sperm which can impregnate other NPCs.  While TamagoClub has options for children with female 'Fathers', it is HiyokoClub which allows so-called 'DadMoms' to exist and makes it possible.
    *     *     *
    The latest version available, this mod adds a special 'hook' that connects the TamagoClub master system to Lovers with PK.  This special hook adds an ejaculation feature where a receptive sex partner may receive sperm into her womb.  And since v 1.06, may encourage ovulation among certain races depending on settings.
    The TamagoClub master may create wombs, ovum and suitable reproductive content.  And the HiyokoClub may handle when a child is to be delivered.  But without this mod, it would have no ability to transfer content between partners.
    *     *     *
    HIYOKOGENETICS v1.01 Rev0.1 and HIYOKOGENERATOR v1.10d/v1.03d
    Accompanying HiyokoClub are these two mods which allows the creation of Hiyoko Children based on their parents, and releases them into the world, virtually giving birth (but without the messy stuff and labor pains).
    HiyokoGenetics has gone through some cleaning, its 'OnLive' system still containing Japanese text that needed translating into English.  And the Examine Child Spell (Lesser Power) needed a cosmetic rewrite which now presents the data more legibly.
    There are two versions of HiyokoGenerator, the original design that uses the x117Race package and their collection of lop-eared elves, argonoids, and the like, and the edited version that solely uses vanilla race NPCs.  In this, it is your choice which version to use.
    Be aware that while the original version which uses the MBP and x117 races generates male/female children based on both the parent's race and genetic content, the edited No-MBP children's body/race has a fixed system. If the genetics within the No-MBP version suggest the child is female, the body mesh will be based on the female parent while male genetics pull the body mesh from the father parent. For those using KorumaroMilk which allows females to impregnate others, said children will always be female.
    *     *     *     *     *     *     *
    This is NOT an actual requirement, but merely a simple patch for those who are also playing the LoversCrowningIsles Quest/Campaign mod.  Within CrowningIsles, there is a point where the player is tasked to become pregnant using a non-Tamago set of conditions. As there could be issues between the two mods, this simple patch attaches new dialog and dialog conditions to LoversCrowningIsles which would temporarily prevent this CrowningIsles quest from proceeding unless the player is not pregnant or no longer pregnant.
    *     *     *     *     *     *     *
    This does not cover all available mods in the Tamago/Hiyoko line, but only the base mods required to have a functional system.  You will still find other mods available in which to enjoy and increase the ambience of your gaming environment.
    *     *     *     *     *     *     *



  3. TamagoPlayerHUD Dukky Edition

    This was the last of the TamagoClub mods that I knew
    about which were not in the forum's Download Manager.
    I thought it best to ensure it safely here rather than
    fear it's loss from a filesharing site vanishing.

    It is again possible for the player to notice  if it is safe to have sex without running the risk of ending up pregnant, or allow the player to check their cycle if the time is right to have a child.  Visual icons, colorful text, and even the same blue contraception shield and spinning sperm effect remain.
    TamagoPlayerHud is based upon  Kilana's graphic upgrade of Maou's original work. As such, it includes all the graphic imagery you may expect. However, certain features were slightly rewritten, some of  the edits removed, and some of the apparent original code restored.
    Originally, made only for female PCs, it now recognizes if the player has a womb or not. This includes male characters. It also detects if the player gains/loses a womb during gameplay. If no womb exists, the HUD vanishes.
    The INI file that comes with the system has extensive notes on the placement and formatting of the hud. This includes the font used and optional color variations possible. The color options were removed in the previous Kilara version.
    The HUD checks for updates in the player's menstrual state every three seconds.
    1. Copy the contents of the package's data folder (the .esp, the Ini folder, and the Textures folder) into your Oblivion\Data folder.
    2. Activate ESP (TamagoPlayerHUD.esp)
    This MOD contains nothing  besides event handlers  (scripts)  for TamagoClub and should therefore should not conflict  with any other mod  other than the earlier versions of this one.

    Thanks to the creator of TamagoClub
    Thanks to TamagoClub's creators.
    Thanks to HiyokoClub's creators.
    Thanks to LoverswithPK creators and modders.
    Thanks to maou for making the original HUD plugin
    Thanks to Kilana for the revised HUD code and icons he worked on with Paint.net



  4. Hiyoko Grow - Dukky Edition

    (Based upon versions by Speele and Sunhawken)
    What is HiyokoGrow?
    This, as Speele so put it, was a 'minimalistic'  mod that lets the Hiyoko within your game to actually grow in size.  They begin their life  at a very diminutive size and will literally grow as time passes.
    Within this mod, hiyoko will have seven stages of growth after birth, other than their initial infant/baby stage. They evolve from little child, through pre-teen stages into adulthood, each with a different height and possibly an age-adjusted face if blockhead is in use.
    Also with age comes growth in the Hiyoko's personality and skill. The hiyoko may inherit the strength or personality of their parents.  However, HiyokoGrow takes that into consideration and stunts these, letting the hiyoko to get stronger and wiser as they grow.  Much of this  is adjustable  thanks to a comprehensive .Ini file within the package.
    From a design and implementation standpoint, the original version only accounted for the (no-x117) version  of HiyokoGenerator, and hiyoko borne  with the (x117) generator would never grow to the full height of any typical/imperial sized NPC. For this, a new option and growth chart was added. This new option allows hiyoko based on races shorter than a 0.90 scale to grow to an approximate adult height.
    The system affects only NPCs, and has no impact upon creatures.
    Seven stages of adulthood for any hiyoko Growth per stage based upon the hiyoko's adult race/sex standards Adaptation and secondary growth-to-adult height chart for short-raced hiyoko Growth stages may adjust attributes, disposition and AI personality Some attributes and AI personality content may blend with parent's content Option to erase/clean hiyoko from the game upon its death (Blockhead Required) Facial aging of Hiyoko for each age stage Extensive INI file allow alteration of age stages, body growth, and much more  
    This system does not alter any of the hiyoko's inherited factions, inventory, or any learned spells. Nor does it affect any player spells that may affect or control the hiyoko in your game.
    Copy the .esp and accompanying Ini folder into your Oblivion/Data folder. Ensure that HiyokoGrow.esp is placed some place after/below HiyokoGenerator. Adjust the HiyokoGrow.ini file as desired. Activate your HiyokoGrow.esp and enjoy.  
    No longer as minimalstic as Speele so suggested,  the original script was broken into smaller sections.  Sections determining a recommended adult age, and disposition with parents are now separate and enclosed. Isolating these separate sections allowed bug detection and elimination to proceed with ease.
    The edit Speele placed into the hiyoko inventory option  has been removed.  This edit is no longer required  as the newer Tamago/Hiyoko updates  made it possible to disable the annoying alert message when checking a hiyoko's inventory.
    The original system was defined to update each hiyoko at a specific, abiet slow, interval.  The original rate of speed  was that one hiyoko would be tested every thirty (30) seconds.  As such, testing four hiyoko as to their growth would take a lengthy two minutes.  This speed rate has been greatly altered, now performing tests every 1/4th of a second. But this rate covers not one hiyoko, but up to 10 hiyoko every 1/4th of a second... or fourty hiyoko a second.
    To prevent or dissuade the possibility of mass graphic refreshes triggering your game to crash, HiyokoGrow's main system uses a staggered update system. With it, the system calculates how many hiyoko it needs to update at a time. And after it determines how many, it will process up to ten hiyoko in one session,  and after a minor 1/4th second delay, it will process another ten hiyoko. If your game had up to fifty hiyoko, it would take 1 1/4th a second to process (in groups of 10). And for one-hundred hiyoko, the process would take 2 1/2 seconds to test each.
    Lovers Hiyoko Shooter - Dukky Edition (and older)
    Tamago Fertility Clinic - Dukky Version (and older)
    Tamago Setbody Override
    There are certain mods which will not function with HiyokoGrow for some apparent reasons. The ones known are listed below, and with the reasons given.
    Said system's aggressive graphic update system  may interfere  with the growth and face aging options.  
    Said system has its own clashing growth system.  
    Obsolete. Not fully functional with the current Tamago/Hiyoko package that has revised and updated its system settings menus.  



  5. Lovers Slave Trader - Dukky Edition

    This mod allows you to deal with or become a slave merchant.  You will have the ability to capture, train and sell viable NPCs and creatures as sex slaves.
    It does so by inserting an AI management system to keep track of the slaves and their owners, creating enslavement items and spells, and adds dialog topics.
    Based upon the previously released LoversSlaveTrader mod posted by GregaHit and extensively translated and worked upon by HanPL, this new edition actually recalls a touch more content by Vicn when he originally designed it in conjunction with BravilUnderground. It was entertaining to find out that the two were originally one epic system in its genesis.  Hence why the previous incarnation of 'Trader' stated it was stripped of many features now found only within Bravil.
    Oblivion Shivering Isles OBSE 20 or better Lovers with PK v1.6 or newer LoversCreatures 2.0 or newer  
    Recommended Mods (Not Required):
    LoversRaperS LoversPayBandit LSTBravilUnderground LoversRapeSlave LST  
    Supported Mods (Not Required):
    OBME                               Permits the use of custom spell icons HiyokoClub v1.10             Allows slave children to be borne from enslaved mothers LoversCreatures 2.5          Permits creatures to have submissive sex positions where possible TamagoClub v1.15 r4.32   For Slave-Owner sex preference options Genderbender                  For Slave-Owner sex preference options  
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    To install, copy the contents (.esp, .bsa, OBSE/Plugin folder and ini folder) into your game's data folder.  The system now uses custom spell icons which it can display with the accompanying .obme.dlls in the OBSE folder.
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    This mod should be placed after Lovers with PK.esp.  If the following are present, it should also be placed after LoversCreatures, Lovers with PK Extender, Lovers Horse Rider,  Lovers Rape Slave and even Lovers Unicorn among others.
    However, it must be placed before LST BravilUnderground as it is the master/parent file for the Bravil mod to work. And it needs to be placed before any of the LoversImmoral mods, PlayerSlaveEncounters or DarkBloodline.  Consult with the recommended mod order list in the topic directed to by either my or fejeena's signature.
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    OBME (Oblivion Magic Extender) is used to permit the use and visibility of custom icons. However it may interfere with older OBSE commands. The two .DLLs used rewrites some of the older OBME v18 commands, and some just won't work. Of these v18 commands, they are handled better by OBSE v19 while others were depreciated.  If Issues still arise, the OBME dll files can be removed, losing only the custom spell icons which will return to the default 'Script Effect' icons. Reapplying the OBME dlls will restore the icons afterwards if desired.
    Gregathit's little tip:
    I use a mod called Budongs Narcolepsy Spell to "knock down and out" any NPC I wish to enslave. Once they are down you can cast the enslave spell on them for a 100% success rate. Yes it is lazy but what can I say... Link: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/9983
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    And obviously, much more was performed.  The package also includes both a ReadMe.txt  and UpdateHistory.txt for those interested. And the .Ini files have plenty of lengthy instructions to read and absorb.



  6. Tamago Fertility Clinic & Hiyoko Utility Spells - DUKKY Version

    v 2.7 DUKKY
    (nearly untouched)
    based on the mods by JSmith20142

    Ahh... based on the original work by JSmith20142, the Clinic brings forth potions to assist a young lady be able to handle her pregnancy, or search for a means to take care of herself before she becomes pregnant.
    This new DUKKY version combines his work with my Fertility Clinic Add-on, adding a few more powerful versions of one of the potions and a very expensive book of spells.  However, this version of the Clinic mod now expands the quest based 'loosely' upon JSmith20142's intent for an abortionist. There may be more in the future, so be warned.
    ... It does include a custom .BSA file. This BSA file contains custom meshes for each potion, the cover to any custom books (yeah, more than one), custom Quest art icons, and so forth.  I didn't skimp.
    Some meshes borrowed from ye classic FuroTrap, though the original author/creator appears unknown. Illustrations found within Hentai Foundry, though some highly doctored to suit elvish requirements in cases.
    The Oblivion Magi Extender .dlls which allows the use of custom icons may interfere with some of the older OBSE commands.
    The .dlls rewrite some of the older OBSE v 18 commands and other older commands won't work. Of the OBSE v 18 commands, many were handled better and substituted by OBSE v 19 while others were depreciated. If issues still arise, the OBME .dll files can be removed without harming this mod. Only the loss of the custom spell icons will result,  the default Script Effect icons taking their place.  
    *    *    *
    The Utility Spells are also the same ones by JSmith20142, adding the Utility Spells book and the book that teaches one how to rid one's self of an obstinant LST Slave (Lovers Slave Trader).
    The mod itself was barely touched insofar as the effects or adding/removing any spells. Primarily, the mod touches up the spellbooks themselves, changing the code that teaches the spells, adding some 'flavor-text' to the books, and making custom book covers. And the spells are (barely) dual-effect so they have icons other than the generic 'spell effect' icons.  That is SO boring.
    ... It also includes a custom .BSA file, mainly for the book covers.
    The link to the original by JSmith20142:



  7. Lovers Hiyoko Shooter - Dukky Version

    Lovers Hiyoko Shooter:
    The Dukky Version!!
    v D-3.2
    by Long Duk Dong
    This is a remake of LoversHiyokoShooter version 1.02 (June 2012).
    Lovers Hiyoko Shooter is a Hiyoko Add-On mod that allows the player to see the birth of Hiyoko children, whether coming from an NPC or if being delivered by by the player herself.
    Unlike the original version  which used 'normal' sex settings and animations to present childbirth, this version allows the use of 'rape' settings as an option as childbirth is quite painful for the mother. And you will not hear any vocals from the hiyoko child being borne.   Checks were put into place to ensure their 'sex'  voice is  disabled until after they have been delivered.
    One of the big changes between the Dukky version of Lovers Hiyoko Shooter and the original is that this revised version has a system which will track hiyoko children related to the player. Children borne to a female player, or that are fathered by the player, will be recognized as the player's offspring. And their children will be recognized as the player's grandkids.
    But not only that, you can give your hiyoko offspring commands, though only a scarce three. Of these, you can tell the little tykes to stay put, keep up with you, relax, or ask them to show you what they're carrying. Yes, it is true. Your own hiyoko children are now companions.  The system does recognize Lovers Slave Trader, and will now disable these commands in favor of the LST 'Order' system, so now no LST patch appears necessary.
    Meanwhile, a stronger bond may now exist between the child and its parents as special family factions now exist. This boosts the disposition between the child and its parents, and visa versa. And sibling bonds will be stronger as well.
    Of special note, It is now compatible with LoversCreatures 2.5+ which permits female creatures to be in-game and allows sex/labor animations for female creatures is possible.
    And the system allows children to be borne afflicted with vampirism, complete with silvered eyes and gaunt expression, if one or more parents are vampires.  It is even compatible with the following vampire mods:
    LTD's Vampire Overhaul Nekhanimal's Awesome Vampire Mod Unholy Darkness Vampire Revolution  
    And finally,  the system now includes an INI file that gives you,  the player, freedom to customize various settings as you see fit.

    MOD DOWNLOAD TITLE: LoversHiyokoShooter.zip ( The Main Mod )
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    SUPPLEMENT 1: Lovers Slave Trader Patch
    While I wrote Lovers Hiyoko Shooter , it was a basic system which did not easily work with other add-ons. One of which is the Lovers Slave Trader v1 by HanPL Gregahit, Gaebrial, mem4ob4 and its original Japanese modders. The NPC dialog for enslaved characters was still fixed towards the traditional "Master and Mistress", even if it were the player's own children. And it seemed a waste to have two different methods to command the NPCs to follow when only one was needed.  
    So, a new patch was made to fix this problem.  
    The patch changes and adds new greetings from the children, whether they are the player's children or not. These changes have been made to utilize the custom flags used by Lovers Slave Trader. So each child borne will have three types of greets, the first when not enslaved, the second when enslaved, and the third when the slave is broken. Options for Training, Flower Sales, and more can be enabled or disabled to suit the player. You can even let the movement system from Lovers Slave Trader be used by normal Hiyoko children instead of the one built into Lovers Hiyoko Shooter.  
    * * * * *

    SUPPLEMENT 2: Lovers Immoral Guards Rape Patch
    This addon prevents a glitch when Lovers Hiyoko Shooter is used with the Lovers Immoral Guards mod. It prevents the player from being raped after going through labor and giving birth.  
    A simple patch, it merely attaches a bit of code at the end of a script within Lovers Immoral Guards, to disable the possiblity of being raped if the player has the 'Delivery Token'.
    MOD DOWNLOAD TITLE: LHS Immoral Rape.zip
    * * * * *

    SUPPLEMENT 3: Lovers with PK Extended Patch
    This addon changes the way Lovers Extended performs 'sex acts' when it is used to display the mother giving birth. Instead of stating the mother is being raped, it says she is going through labor. And at the end of the act, it displays that she had endured a successful birth.  
    As a bonus, it alters sex acts with creatures to ensure the session ends with the creature orgams. This may fix a few issues with other mods where the creature has extended orgams such as LoversBitch.  



  8. Lovers Hooker - Dukky Version

    Lovers Hooker V 3.2
    Dukky Version
    Original version by Callipygic
    Initial Edit by Gaebrial with aid by Manzor
    Edited version by LongDukDong
    Now you can make a little extra cash, just by lying on your back performing the oldest profession.
    This is a new update to the mod created by Callipygic, later updated and improved by Gaebrial. Links to both of their mods listed further below in this file.
    Gaebrial offered a number of improvements to the original,  with some modifications made by Manzor.   The primary change was the addition of an INI file that lets you control nearly all mechanical aspects of the system.  Along with that, Gaebrial also performed  a thorough job of cleaning the scripts  and overhauled all of the dialog while expanding the system to include male prostitution.
    This new version of Lover Hooker  is very much different from the original,  in that all of the sex poses that were hardwired within the mod are now set within a brand new INI file.  This new LoversHookerPoses.Ini file is smaller by comparison, but much desired if those that update the Lovers Package alter the poses used.
    ** If the LoversHookerPoses.Ini is not found,  it will generate random poses in   place of the missing ones.
    This is an error prevention feature. This version also includes a special hidden flag  that is applied to the player during sex, this flag used only when engaged in prostitution and a flag that is detected by an upcoming LAPF Extended Patch mod. Meanwhile,  this version also includes a means  to detect other known mods that have prostitutes.  Thanks to this detection system, the NPC hookers and gigolos from the other mods will now turn down the player's services.
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    To install, copy the contents (.esp, .bsa, OBSE/Plugin folder and ini folder) into your game's data folder.  The system now uses custom spell icons which it can display with the accompanying .obme.dlls in the OBSE folder.
    It comes with the same LoversHooker patch  for LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP as does Gaebriel's.  Include it too.    Just make sure the SSP patch loads after Lovers Hooker.
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    If having issues with other mods using the OBSE,  the removal of the OBME Dlls within the OBSE/Plugins folder should correct this. The OBME dlls may not work well with OBSE 1.8 or older.  However, removal will eliminate the custom spell icon.
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

    From Gaebrial:
    The mod "Daily Income Revised"is highly recommended for use with LoversHookers. ( https://www.loverslab.com/topic/953-daily-income-for-loversadultplayplusplusforssp-10/ or https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/40484/ ).   This mod gives NPCs a income depending upon their faction, rank, social class and city of residence.  Without this mod,  most NPCs,  including those supposedly wealthy ones,  will only have a small amount of gold with which to purchase your services.

    From Callipygic:
    The usual beautification mods.   A sexy walks mod  (Mur-zik is my favourite so far). And a slutty clothes mod (I really like Colourwheels stuff).
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    Older Versions:
    The link to the original version by Callipygic:  https://www.loverslab.com/topic/2290-outdated-lovershooker-11
    The link to the edited version by Gaebrial:  https://www.loverslab.com/topic/6053-lovershooker
    If you're missing the LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP patch, the LAPF version of Gaebrial's mod holds a copy.
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    The player may have issues when using the system with Lovers with PK Extender due to its built-in lovers embrace feature.  The player may also find him/herself in trouble with nearby citizens or guards if the 'Immoral Guards' mod is in use.
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    Version 1.0   - Original Version by Callipygic
    Version 1.10  - Revision by Callipygic
    If I've managed to update it correctly... This should add some more (and hopefully working) robustness Killed off for once and for all the tendency to turn itself off Should also limit chain approaches so you can take a few steps before another approach  
    Version 2.0a  - Revision by Gaebrial
    Various dialogue 'Goodbye' fixes. The gold calculation for NPC payment streamlined Related to the above, more options for the NPC to offer added Minor tweaks added to the greetings when you're well known  
    Version 2.1   - Revision by Gaebrial
    The diary and on/off hooker options are now lesser powers Dialogue option added to allow the player to offer their services to an NPC Compatibility patch for LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP included The options for male players revised so the player will be the submissive Various other minor bug fixes and tweaks.  
    Version 2.1a  - Revision by Gaebrial
    Added the ini setting sFutaFan to handle female fellatio / cunnilingus options Fixed a potential mod conflict with the rank-based greetings  
    Version 2.20  - Revision by Gaebrial
    Added ini settings to control the number of clients needed to advance in rank Added ini setting to allow the use of a nearby bed when entertaining a client Prospective clients will now follow you through doors following A couple more bugs squashed  
    Version 2.50  - Revision by Gaebrial
    Completely reworked the approach calculation Altered the calculations for client rape if option is allowed Added four ini settings to allow the selection of favourite positions Added an option to toggle approaches on or off with a hotkey. Added a compatibility check for LoversBitch Added an option to the lesser power to stop the Charactergen quest
    Version 2.51  - Revision by Gaebrial
    Cleaned scripts Rewritten dialog Inclusion of INI file  
    Version 3.0   - Revision by Current Version - Edits by LongDukDong
    Added an INI system to handle sex positions and more Flag included for LAPF Extended Patch mod System to detect other prostitute mods and alter dialog  
    Version 3.1   - Current Version - Edits by LongDukDong
    Fixed an issue with male/female praise from potential customers Fixed/Replaced the missing main quest icon (NEW) Added spell icon to Hooker Settings. Using OBME.dll (NEW) BSA file now included with above mentioned graphics  
    Version 3.2   - Current Version - Edits by LongDukDong
    Fixed the BSA which didn't include Faction graphics as before  
    OBSE 20 better Oblivion.esm Shivering Isles.esp Lovers with PK v1.4.1 - 6 better LoversHooker Patch for LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP (Updated version for version 3.0+ now included)  



  9. Tamago Setbody Override

    WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?!?!?        
    A mod now exists that can alter how the Tamago Setbody system operates, for now involving very unusual pregnancies and maturing youths as they grow up.

    While it has always been possible to allow male NPCs to become pregnant (either by implanting an already existing womb) or other means,  the code within Tamago Setbody has always denied showing any outward visible signs unlike their female counterpart.
    And as for those annoyed that newborn Hiyoko are as fully formed and mature as the parents that birthed them, it has been a limitation untouched and unconsidered.
    That is until now.
    Tamago Setbody Override is a project/mod that seeks  to alter the existing system.  The first phase was the ability to show males within a physical state of pregnancy.  And the second phase was to allow Hiyoko to have a physical state of maturity based upon their age.
    This mod does nothing to either grant males the ability to become pregnant nor alter the mechanics controlling Hiyoko birth or growth.  Other mods exist to handle those functions. This is merely a cosmetic appliance of sorts.
    Obviously (as if the name doesn't give it away), it requires:
    God, I ROFLed when I saw movomo's preggo prancing ponies.
    Copy the .esp and .bsa files into your game's data folder, and the accompanying .ini file into the Data\Ini folder.
    Insofar as mod order, this must load 'after' Setbody within your setup  as this mod alters scripts within both the TamagoSetbody.esp and Setbody.esp.
    The INI file handles  all necessary modifications to the mod,  whether you wish to turn on/off any features  (currently just one for now), or the  modification of values controlling the system.  Detailed as it is,  I included  instructions just as detailed.
    * Many thanks to Tolerance for the creation of the actual male pregnancy meshes, from First Trimester through to PostPartum.
    To be continued....?
    Who knows what else I might break.....



  10. LoversRaperS - Dukky Edition

    This is an updated combat rape mod that grants actors (NPCs and Creatures) the ability to perform sexual assault on others. Such assaults include gang rapes, stealing of equipment, items or gold, cause physical harm during rape,  and so much more.

    Rapes are started by combat hits from NPCs against either the player or other NPCs, or the player using the granted 'Rape' Lesser Ability or custom Hotkey (defined in the ini files). Calculations determining the success of each attempt are defined within the .ini files and can be adjusted by the player using the Rape Settings Menu spell.
    Default animation strings assume you are using the LAPF pack. If you are using the v3 Resource pack with the 11-200 BBB Revised or v2 Resource pack edit LoversRaperS_Motion.ini and un-comment the appropriate section.
    As before, LoversRaperS should be placed after LoversVoiceSSPplus in the load order, or directly above/before the Lovers with PK.esp file.
    * ==== * ==== * ==== *
    Creates a feature allowing the player to rape targets, or optionally have the chosen target rape the player.  This by way of spells or a custom hotkey. Four actual spells within the system: Rape:                         Touch Spell: Cast on a target to rape Rape Me:                   Touch Spell: Cast on a target to let it rape you Rape Orientation:      Touch Spell: Cast on a target to set its preferences Rape Settings Menu:  Self Spell:  Allows the player to set in-game settings Takes advantage of the Oblivion Magic Extender for custom icons (.dlls included). Sets up a gang-rape system which can be triggered by certain witnesses seeing an already existing rape and wishing to join in. Player may join in if asked. Reverse-Rape is possible.  Female rapists may be set to force their victim to act the masculine against his will. This now possible with Female creatures.  Lovers Creatures 2.5+ required for creature reverse rape. Creature submissive pose fix. If attempting to rape a creature that has no submissive pose, three settings to deal with this now exists:  forfeit rape, NPC becomes the submissive, use wonky animations as normal. Available only when LoversCreatures 2.5+ is installed. Equipment, items and gold may be stolen  from the victim after enacting rape. Rape may end in death if damage is incurred. Or other bad-end conditions such as perpeturape may occur. Requires other mods for additional bad-endings. Includes an expansive settings menu which defines the conditions that permit rape to occur; victim fatigue,  gender differences or subject's orientations, whether rape is a hostile act, item theft and more. Cross-Mod support exists for  LoversCreatures up to version 2.5+, TamagoClub, Player Slave Encounters, Lovers Slave Trader, FuroTrap Improved, LoversBitch, Lovers CrowningIsles and LoversGGBlackmail.  
    While the RaperS system has many features, these features are not triggered by other outside rape mods. Equipment theft, victim health damage, and reverse rape will not function. Creature submissive pose fix will not be detected. May interfere with, or trigger excessive rape events, if LoversImmoralGuards is installed. Said mod includes its own gangrape system. The Oblivion Magi Extender .dlls which allows the use of custom icons may interfere with some of the older OBSE commands. The .dlls rewrite some of the older OBSE v 18 commands and other older commands won't work. Of the OBSE v 18 commands, many were handled better and substituted by OBSE v 19 while others were depreciated. If issues still arise, the OBME .dll files can be removed without harming this mod. Only the loss of the custom spell icons will result,  the default Script Effect icons taking their place.  
    * ==== * ==== * ==== *
    Copy the LoversRaperS.esp and LoversRaperS.bsa files into the Data folder. Then copy the four LoversRaperS_xxx.Ini files into the Data\Ini folder. Then after that, copy the two OBME .dll files into the OBSE\Plugins folder. The LoversRaperS.esp should be placed  right above (before) Lovers with PK.esp, and below (after) LoversVoiceSSPplus.esp if it is present in the load order. If you are using the v2 or v3+ Revised BBB Lovers Resource pack, you'll need to edit LoversRaperS_Motion.ini and uncomment the appropriate sections.
    Simply disable LoversRaperS.esp from your load order.  After that,  then remove LoversRaperS.esp and bsa files from the Data folder  and the LoversRapers_*.ini files from the from the Data\Ini folder.  Follow this by removing the two OBME .dll files from the OBSE\Plugins folder.  
    * ==== * ==== * ==== *
    Oblivion latest patch
    OBSE v19 or higher
    Lovers v91 or higher

    Lovers Creature                          - Needed for creature rape
    Lovers Creature v 2.5+               - Needed for creature rape and with submissive animations
    Pluggy v125 or higher                - Needed to export settings to .ini
    Furo Trap Improved: Tentacles!   - Needed to furo trap victims by daedric rape
    Lovers Slave Trade                      - Needed to enslave rape victims near death
    Player Slave Encounters              - Needed for enslavement Bad End
    Break Armor                              - Needed for clothing bonuses by condition
    LoversBitch                                - Needed for adaptive RaperS messages
    TamagoClub                              - Needed for adaptive RaperS messages
    * ==== * ==== * ==== *
    The Dukky Edition of this mod is a continuation of WappyOne's work which can be  found at: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/15117-lovers-rapers-wappyones-edition/
    Likewise,  the WappyOne edition was a continuation of ShadowRunner's work found  at:  http://www.loverslab.com/topic/4597-xloversrapers-shadowrunner-132b/
    Stories included (if you can find them?
    "A Walk on the Moors" by by Shady Lady Julie (2018) "Morning Rape" (2016) "Dar-Ma and her Mom" (was Megan and her Mom) by by Mario Caliente (2014)



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