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  1. This is not déjà vu. 😁 I really suffer without a Yamakaze follower 169-02.mp4 ... 😔
  2. I'll leave a trace in this thread too ... Until this urban style is boring ... Moreover, it seems that only with him this male animation will take a ride. 168-00.mp4
  3. Need qualified help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mod: Panties V2 Collection. The shadow on the panties is not displayed correctly. Perhaps with the enb enabled, this problem does not exist, and the author did not bother about this. Correcting normals in NifSkope does not help. How to fix it? When the body is horizontal, shadows (light on an object) are displayed normally. I think the reason lies in the coordinate system when creating the object. The picture shows the problem and the Tama panties for comparison.
  4. 😃 OK. You made me download the UUNP version, even though I don't use the UUNP ...))) The content of the archive means that you need to use the Body Slide to create the UUNP. All simple...
  5. Pay attention to the list of folders with mods on the left. The UUNP mod must be below the CBBE mod. Those. rewrite it.
  6. It is better to use Mod Organizer (MO2) to connect plugins correctly. Most likely the UUNP version was created based on the CBBE version of the plugin and uses textures from it. Therefore, in MO, you must first enable CBBE, and then (i.e. on top of it) the UUNP version of the plugin.
  7. Experiments, endless experiments on C P... 😁
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