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  1. Thank you, I appreciate it! I'm in the middle of a more serious poses project atm but you may hear from me in the coming months!
  2. Yeah, I used the WickedWhims tutorial but I still wasn't getting the hang of it. I've decided to give up on this endeavour hahaha
  3. Hey! I know I'm late and this is one request of many but is there any way you can make a version that's just the bulge, without any muscle changes?
  4. Hey! First of all., sorry I'm so late to reply, I forgot to turn on notifications for my own post. Thanks all for helping me out ♥ I'm very sleep deprived right now but I'll be sure to check back with you all soon and see if I can give this another shot! I appreciate the help so much
  5. I'm pretty sure I've done everything right as far at the Turbodriver tutorials go, but I can't seem to make this animation appear in game! I feel like this is an XML error on my part, but I'll leave the entire package here just in case. As the title says, the first person who can help me understand what I'm doing wrong and successfully helps me fix it gets 5 entire US dollars. None of the threads of people facing the same issue are getting any responses so I'm hoping this with help! and yes, I really am this desperate xoxo pitlicktest.package pitlick test.blend
  6. I'm having the same problem, I'm struggling to find anyone who wants to help me out though :c Leaving this here in case any kind soul does want to look this through in S4PE and help me pitlicktest.package
  7. Animations won't show in game and my assumption is it's an XML error. If anyone's kind enough to help I'd love you forever pitlicktest.package
  8. Can anyone help me out? I feel like I'm making an error somewhere in the XML file because it won't appear in my game. I have the latest version of WW installed, and no lastexception errors if that helps. Will genuinely PayPal $5 to whoever can help me figure out what I'm doing wrong xx pitlicktest.package
  9. I'm not a programmer so idk how much I could help with this but what ballbusting animations do you have? I'm looking at programming some wrestling/ballbusting animations myself
  10. BrittPinkieSims (?) made a short guide on how she created her Fashion career and there are other guides on how to do it. I fI had any coding knowledge whatsoever I'd give it a go but I really don't :c
  11. I'd kill for a denki anma animation
  12. Really happy with how this guy turned out~
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