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  1. Hello there, I'm trying to resolve problem with collisions with smp tail and cbbe 3bbb body. Tails are ftom this site (port from le) and equipable beast tail from nexus Then tail (khajiit in my case is equipped charachers butt and legs starting to bend inside and shake I tried way described on wearable smp tails page, but can't find mentioned code block in xml file, maybe it was changed with 3bbb updates So could anyone help with that situation please? Cuz I'm quite noob in editing smp properties Ps sorry for bad english
  2. Is there any standalone catty textures (face+body cbbe) for female characters? kinda ohmes raht but without new race, to use it with unique character (or make all female npc looks like half khajiits lol)
  3. Is there any way to use it only for clothing purpose, with free equipping and unequipping?
  4. is where mods for skyrim se (le ok too i guess) which adds some locations with christmas decorations? player homes or something? preferably with a realistic style as in real life (yes i want christmas in my game too)
  5. is there some standalone blindfolds for skyrim (se but le can convert too)? not nessesary bdsm based, just like real life sleeping ones or any other i know about Blindfolds of Skyrim and others from nexus
  6. он имеет ввиду что у него вместо анимаций только черный экран и описание сцены
  7. is anythere complete list of animations and furniture if animation based on it (+mod where it from) to start it on? looking for this info in xml files is great but takes long time for search
  8. I guess link to this house placed in video description - Karlov Manor
  9. I'm trying to convert some armors to 3bbb body with fixing clipping issues by deleting verticles on body, and some armors converting right and looks normal, but some of them looks weird - body looks like this. Is where some steps to delete verticles on 3bbb body without this weird thing?
  10. I saw here answer about removing stages from animations, it worked in beta3, but now I updated to beta6 and AAF stops loading on 30% So is there any method to remove stages from animations now?
  11. late answer, but you need install sexlab animation loader and register animations where, billy making animations, penises are in this.mnc
  12. one day i saw mod what add spell which can restore scattered objects places (placed food, bowls, pots in interiors and exteriors etc), is it still somewhere?
  13. could someone please help with downloading this stuff? https://pan.baidu.com/s/10-R4JYfJUJY5VQoSl6vdgA code39j1 https://pan.baidu.com/s/1N8YriKETbgK6EguFZNUNCw code ucn0 (its from http://www.9dmdamaomod.com/thread-178301-1-18.html) [btw how you guys doing this, is there is some kind of exploit or it just an baidu account?]
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