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  1. control also in radian prostitution futa ??? error3.txt
  2. oups same problem in Make Skyrim straight again ? the two other mods Cuckoldress +cuckohold its ok zero error in my sse edit . error.txt
  3. Hello my sse edit found plenty error in your mod with game ? i use also your other mods ( Make Skyrim straight again ) +radiant prostitution futa version +cuckoldress+cuckold at he same tine ( conflict ) ??? error12.txt
  4. hello since I did the job on my own. I converted the original Hydra Mod because the SE version of is also full of error message. Then from SE edit I created a patch that helped me rebuild your mod with my version converted from LE. checked everything on SE Edit, Hydra Mod and KS Mod everything is error free. It was very long NPC by NPC, your job is difficult. But I managed to get everything working bug-free in my games. I always use 7 Zip which is integrated in the computer, it was just for a test with Zip extractor. MO2 does not support installing your Mod because it calls out corrupted files
  5. hello i check wit SSE EDIT your mod ands he found a lot of error , problem or not ? HYDRAslaveGirlKshair.txt
  6. Hello i check with SSE EDIT : he found a lot of error ? Problem or not ? hydra slavegirls report error sse edit
  7. 🙂Hello sorry but your compressed file is corrupted, test SSEdit see HYDRAslaveGirlKshair.txtattached file.🙄 Also Mo2 says that hash files are corrupted. I have tried many times it is the original online which is corrupted, your other ks hair file for Trouble heroine is ok.
  8. Babo_Creature_2020.08.10_SE_Fix.7z Babo_Human_2020.04.08_SE.7z
  9. [00:00] Start: Checking for Errors [00:00] Checking for Errors in [FE 255] SLAL_AnimationByBakaFactory.esp [00:00] Done: Checking for Errors, Processed Records: 37, Errors found: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00 but my version its older version . and its me to make the esp fe with ssedit script. my esp fe (Babo_Human_2020.04.08_SE + Babo_Creature_2020.08.10_SE_Fix ) I have 721 plugin in my load order, 80% are espfe made for 70% by myself. with nothing error and problem . it is this new version that has a problem. i see today with sse edit [00:00] S
  10. no problem don't worry, i have 36 esp in esp fe with same notice of loot and my game working fine since one year, i make my esp fe with sse edit and i use script for elected the goods pluging to make esp fe. all my slal mod of animation are in esp fe. all with this stupid warning of Loot. Loot and wrye Bash are outdated to judge esp fe, only SSE EDIT is valid. Tutorial : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/21289
  11. Thank you also , and thank you to Evil for this tutorial
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