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  1. *clap clap clap* Beautiful as always. Thanks for the eye candies.
  2. Still my number one site for all my 32 and 64 bit Skyrim fun. The community has been excellent in responding to most inquires. The moderators still perform excellent work for us all to have safe and creative modding and give support. Please Donate To Keep The LoversLab way alive at their patreon and be kind!
  3. Well using the textures from the shark race mod it looks very good on argonians. This makes them look more amphibian than lizard like.
  4. Well that's a bummer but thanks for all that effort you put forth in this.
  5. So I noticed a kinda pointy edges just above the hips. So I smoothed out those sharp edges. femalebody_1.nif
  6. Now that's a good start with step by step. Just need a little trial and error. Best everyone who attempts it try to submit what you have and have so some of the more experienced could give you and myself pointers.
  7. I swear I've been editing the head more times than I remember. Just never satisfied with anything. Maybe I'll aim for something more cartoony for giggles and contribute that. Realizing just now why cant we make it more Gecko like.
  8. Glad to see more progress on your mod. Still miss the updates on old skyrim, but the future is now.
  9. I see what you mean with the distortion, If a few other sliders where involved with the morph it would have done well at higher weights, But since this mod is very stable and simplistic I would not change anything else.
  10. Thank you for continuing this mod. It was pretty unstable the first few updates, but worth waiting for the fixes. Gotten way more stable.
  11. Just wanted to put this right here and let it fester or ferment.
  12. I should have a new version out with higher limits soon. Just be warned some bodies look really weird above butt scale 2. Thanks for that and thanks for your mod. Would love if hips and thighs were an option. "This sweet roll just goes straight to my thighs."
  13. Is there a way to change the max butt size beyond just two. Is there a simple fix in the script?
  14. This new mod by opparco that just came out a few weeks ago has a really good chubby body, http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4514-opparco-body-and-accessories/ and it is certainly a gem.
  15. as the description says you use them to change the color of the nipples from default to leyenda skin which makes them darker. The other changes how the breasts scale. By the way this mod used with the tit kit, makes it all the better.
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