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  1. Thank you both for this mod! I've been using it in tandem with a few others that other folks might like to pair up with it; can build a really fun playthrough! First, the Apropos mods here on Loverslab work well in conjunction: Deadly Drain nicely helps regen magicka, health, and stamina that no longer regen due to Apropos 'wear and tear' system. Second, I've run Invested Magic (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11397), No More Glowing Edges Mod (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/34981)((does not interfere with sperm displays, tattoos or scarring that I've encou
  2. Awesome! Thank you both! Like my mom likes to say, "I'm not going senile, I just have more information to sort through than the average person..."
  3. I've recently had to rebuild the drive where I store all my games and can't recall which SL mod I had which a certain MCM menu option. It was for creature sex and the option page had several toggles which would, for animation purposes, consider all creatures to be male. I already have Aroused Redux, Defeat, MNC9.0, and several others. I know that More Nasty Critters handily contains the Creature Framework and I see both MCMs but neither seems to have that option, unless I've missed something. Can anyone please refresh my memory?
  4. If you have ASIS installed, extra spawns seem to 'distract' the quest NPCs. When doing the Vanilla start, with or without Live Another Life, Hadvar ends up battling wolves and is late to your execution, for example. The Imperial Captain turns her head to his direction but the quest proceeds as if he is not actually absent. Try disabling any mod that adds extra spawns. Also, a mod called Same Walk and Run Speeds may help with the timing. I've often had to reload from the cave exit from Helgen to get the Gerdur/Ralof thing to work. Hope it helps!
  5. Your work is jaw-droppingly amazing, sir! Wish I'd gotten a screenshot of the Whiterun guard giving me his 'sweetroll' line while he was pumping away on one with your cunning animation; nearly pissed myself laughing 😁!

  6. Screenshot of your sperm replacer mod. Nice work. Re-dick-you-lust #5, all the way, heh! 


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