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  1. Thanks for your support! I could do it.
  2. I have an issue about switching characters on doing M2M animations, of course same as other sexlab animations, with pressing a key on SexLab. What I want to do is to change characters between top and bottom. But some characters rear up during animations as soon as I press a key. I guess one of solutions is to edit M2MAnimationsScript.psc and I will simply edit sexuality of Base.AddPosition from male to female, if I do so then my playable character is permanently fixed as top. But now I get troubled on compiling. As your script is extended by sslAnimationFactory, compiling gets failed. How can I solve this issue? Sorry, of course I know this may violate some copyright. M2MAnimationsScript.psc
  3. Thanks! My SexLab got a bit messed up then I reset animations then now M2M works fine.
  4. After I confirmed that 7.1 animations were deleted on SexLab, I have upgraded to 9.0 and now 9.0 of 40 animations are registered and activated on SexLab but only newly added animations such as Aggressive KO 3Way on 9.0 or 8.0 don't start. How can I solve it?
  5. Hey! I wanna upgrade my current 7.1 to this latest 9.0 but now I get troubled. This issue is that animation names of 7.1 remain on Sexlab MCM toggle animations after unstalling 7.1 though esp has been deleted. This is the first time for me in my updating about M2M gay animations. Could you kindly give me any suggestion?
  6. Thank you so much for your great upgrade of 7.1!
  7. Thank you so much for your new and great animations! Dull male's masturbations become aroused with them. They are so manful and powerful and just a real man's solo sex and of course other 3ways are also awesome. BTW, maybe, I love Muscle Worship the best among your animations. I can feel aroused as seeing it as if I saw some bodybuilder show. So, I hope you to make some variation about it. For example, a male who cuts round his muscles to second male at the beginning of the animation, gets fucked by the second one in next scene. I sometimes exchange between top and bottom in the scene with SexLab hot key in order to reverse them. I guess it could be well that a strong muscle man continues to fuck his buddy without changing roles. Could you make a variation animation where muscle bragging male continuously fucks other man after finishing his pageant?
  8. I confirm you about SexTalk whether this mod resets NPC gender to default. Because, my PC became bottom on SexLab Matchmaker though he had been set as male with NPC gender spell after SexTalk ran. I don't mind resetting it at all as he can make top with conversations of SexTalk.
  9. Thanks! The black textures issue was solved by changing memory management system from SKSE memory patch to crash fix. Maybe, in case of me video RAM wasn't allocated correctly by the SKSE memory patch.
  10. Thanks for your great patch! Wow, I miss any chance to rebuild Blackthorn town forever. So, I have an issue about your this mod and Cocksmen village that naked men's bodies' textures sometimes turn into black in both interiors and exteriors except for their faces and genitals though they become correct when returning there after loading other cell. How can I solve the issue?
  11. Thanks for your great mod. So I have an issue on Sex Talk 1.4 in my configuration that my follower who was added by another mod can't talk dialogue which was added by the Sex Talk though he can talk dialogue which was added by SLEN. How can I solve it? http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/78609/?
  12. Now I've installed this mod and will enjoy it. Thanks!
  13. Excellent and lore friendly mod! Thanks! In case of me, creatures' schlongs couldn't be equipped to their body on both MNC 9.3 and SexLab 1.62. I upgraded Creature Framework from 1.0 to 1.1 then the issue was solved. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/41270-creature-framework-110-preview-2-updated-2016-6-3/page-1
  14. The stuck was caused by that Ishmael never said "Ladies and Gentlemen,...." succeeding to "Get in the stocks" after my player held himself into a pillow. Then I solved it through entering console command unfortunately. These videos are great. They are so useful. Thanks! I now finish party quest in Windhelm and it's just halfway then I will be able to enjoy Isle of Mara more and it's incredible. We should keep EULA. But, I am lucky because hole of schlongs brings the mood down.
  15. I am stuck, please help me! My player reached at palace of Kings in Windhelm and helped to put peoples' clothes off there and Ishmael ordered him "Bring that cock" after galleries gathered in front of pillows where Farkas and Vilkas were captured. Where and how can I find or get the cock? I couldn't find any cock though I looked for all over there and glanced items of this esp with "AddItemMenu".
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