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  1. Someone made a patch, unfortunately it hasn't been interregrated into the mod yet, its on one of the pages, forgot which one.
  2. (If you have problems with the entirety of the mod working) So after experimenting by starting a new game (With Alternate Start...went with a non-vanilla start) I went right to Amren (In Whiterun) and got some new dialogue, I ran all the way to Nightgate Inn, I however didn't get the ambush sequence in the basement. On the manual it doesn't seem like there's any requirements, so its odd I didn't get it. I however did encounter a "Rapist Orc" he actually talked to me this time, on the OG playthrough with this mod he would run up and just be hostile right away. I also encountered bandits raping a "Captured Knight", setting myself with essential didn't do anything, I got killed. To fix this, I set myself using the "setessential 00000007 1" (Same as above). With this method I was able to get some more general dialogue. I didnt register any animations with Sexlab, so nothing happened. I just rushed the new character wanted to see if starting a new game fixed. It seemingly fixed somethings. I'm gonna test the "Markarth Guard Event" in Markarth. Ill edit that in here <Markarth Guard Event went well, dialogue went smooth too, Oddly enough I aslo tried it on the save I claim doesn't work right, the Markarth event did work>. So yah, some problems like the Nightgate Inn event and not becoming essential might be on my end, not sure. If they are the mods fault, I'd like if one of you (If bored could replicate the results I gathered with a new game, or perhaps get different results. I'm guessing most people have no problem with this mod, but I like troubleshooting as to help others. On my OG playthrough most of the stuff didn't work, not sure why, I thought I had it enabled before I started a new game. So I recommend Starting a new game, unfortunately that's the only thing that made the entire mod work for me.
  3. When you guys download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SlvS2KRY6UscQisro8GEskwCCKg4Wa3G/view and install it. Does your version of Sexlab Aroused still say version 28(20140124)?
  4. Unfortunately for me, I have not come into contact with a female nor male guard who talks about letting orcs into the city. I don't claim the problem is on the mods end. On my end I have everything installed and used SSEdit to add keywords to both vanilla and modded armor. (I tried both, incase the overwriting on the vanilla armor wasn't working) I have not gotten any road events, nor events like the Orcs of Nightgate Inn. I have Elionora's Breezehome mod, but that wouldn't cause problems with other events. I have either screwed something up, or I have a mod(s) incompatibility. Thanks for the help by the way.
  5. I've added Keywords to certain armors, both vanilla (I use replacers) and modded armor. I can't seem to get events to trigger. I have Breezehome, yet Hulga won't talk about orcs or anything, she just keeps repeating lines about the war. Not really sure what I did wrong. I thought I did everything correctly, but maybe not. Not really sure what to try. Edit: Not even using naked armors seems to have any effect on events. NPCs like guards comment on my character wearing lewd armor (EroticArmor) not sure why the quest isnt triggering. Does having a modded Breezehome effect the trigger?
  6. Is there an alternate way I can download this? Sexlab Aroused Redux SE BakaFactory Edited Version ? Says to many people have viewed and downloaded this file.
  7. Reinstalled AAF Themes. Twas a simple fix, I failed to try at first.
  8. I keep getting "Violation Aborted". With a message saying something similar to "OnScreenInIt Status [4]. Any idea what could be causing this, or how to fix? Anyone?
  9. I seemingly found a bug. During the quest: AFS2NewShaman2, during stage 80 of the quest; the player character will be told to drink the mixture, however the player gets completly frozen. I am unable to open any menus at all. There is a warning or error seemingly in the creation kit when looking at the papyus fragment: ;WARNING: Unable to load fragment source from function Fragment_15 in script qf_afs2newshaman2_03025b75 ;Source NOT loaded I presume this is the cause of the quest being broken.
  10. Ill be honest. The idea of this mod is awesome, it helps add an extra level of immersion to the game. However, I personally found the sounds to be to loud and obnoxious. I actually changed the sound files of the heels my character was wearing cause it was so annoying. Why am I telling you (The creator and/or whoever else is reading this)? Well I want you to hear my feedback and opinion, I'm not trying to be negative or rude.
  11. Just downloaded. Awesome new prison mod. Hopefully in the future you can develop this even further, into something even greater. Like questlines, guard scenarios, new rape scenes, prison "relationships".
  12. I've actually joined the discord and I'm interested to see where it goes. I haven't actually been in the server yet, I haven't received password yet. Some things I think you should apply to the server is: Reduce the grind a lot! But keep the power curve. Which means when people join the server don't make them grind to level up or get basic materials, but don't just give out high level gear and mats. I've seen 2 servers, which I've been apart of die, because the grind was getting bad, especially after server wipes. PEOPLE HATE TO RESTART. I like the idea of the victim tag, it lets people know they can do practically anything without permission, I've been apart of servers where everything needs to be consensual (This takes away from the fun). Make multiple admins, there needs to be atleast one on at all times. This does multiple things, mainly it lets people know, the server's owner cares about the server, it also helps keep the server in order. Admins can also host scripted events of sorts and create chaos, which helps create FUN! Don't punish people for being bad. Of OOC assholes shouldn't be accepted (to a certain degree). But when people kidnap, murder, rape, rob, mug don't dissuade people from doing this, support it actually, it makes things more enjoyable. (There needs to be rules to limit large clans from robbing smaller one's to frequently though). These are some of my thoughts and opinions. I also have a mod to recommend, take a look: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1568430878
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