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  1. Well here is V19 and it's source code then. nvse_extenderV19.rar nvse_extenderV19_Source.rar
  2. I think we should wait for @jaam's blessing, then it needs to be recompiled with "19" as the version.
  3. I'm more interested whether Sexout scenes would still play nice with it. Just in case - I didn't touch anything really important.
  4. Here's the source ("download-and-compile"). I set gqvCommandInfo to get pointer at kMessage_PostLoad message and pointer is valid.(didn't check if it actually works though but it should). Also updated solution to VS2019. kMessage_PostLoad can be easily changed to "18" (kMessage_DeferredInit) in case it's needed but since pointer is valid I don't see the need. PostLoad happens when all plugins have been loaded before main menu.(it's not connected to savegame load). Also I'm confused why "PostInit" message was needed. Most likely I am missing something.
  5. Can anyone try this please? It works with latest NVSE 6.1.2 and doesn't print errors in log. I don't have Sexout installed to test. nvse_extender.dll
  6. Does latest NX(logspam fix) work on xNVSE 6.1.2? I've got CTD when starting the game.
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