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  1. So FNIS breaks a bunch of plugings as they load? that means that i should always uncheck it when possible? (read what i also wrote below) So, theres no danger on turning the followers/creatures/weapons etc off and then turning them on again? (be on the LOD list or in the modlist) I see no reason why a terrain LOD needs Audio esp
  2. Im getting this error when trying to make use of TerrainLod: I only added about 6-7 followers mods, can i deactivate them (be on the modlist or in the popup at the start of terrainLod) or they need to be present during the terrainLod? (same goes for 2-3 clothes mod i added) I cant really see why they should be active, since its a TERRAIN generation, but i have no idea how any of this works, thats why i ask you guys. Edit: the funny thing its that as soon as i deactivate the XLodTerrain ESM we installed at foundation.. then its all cool with the limit
  3. this may be dumb to ask, but when im building clothes on Bodyslide should i go for 3BA or SMP 3BBB? as, some clothe pieces have options to build either one, so that. (not only the ones in the picture i mean in general)
  4. So, whit the new mari flora update we should be getting the high, med or low version? I guess those names means resolution.
  5. ohh, you have a guide for Fallout 4? may you share it? im looking for something like this one for FO4 but i can only seem to find barren list in terms of content/improvements
  6. Out of curiosity, if my Body Slide preset (also clothes) haves both SMP 3BBB and 3BBBA support, wich one should i build? I always use 3BA because i guess its better but i never actually thought if its *really* good. Edit: and some clothes on Bodyslide looks fine whit 3BA, but with clothes tagged with SMP3BBB the breast go missing (yet the clothes retain the true shape of the breast) Not really concerning since i can just skip all SMP but still.
  7. 1- I really dont have that much on mine but i dont know alot on that regard- 2- The idea its to rename them unless the guide tells you to merge, why? because if something breaks because of the update it will be easier to notice/troubleshoot. For example: Main mod1. Main mod1 -Update. If the guide tells you to merge the update into the main mod, do it, if it dont and it have its own entry on the list, despise being the same mod, then you should do the same and have it with his own entry on the list. How? just give it a different name to the main file. 3-its really simple:
  8. I see, so since they are flagged ESM they will always move to the top, got it. So everything its fine then, thanks god, i though i had to deactivate and activate everything. Thank.
  9. Again, that some mods got to the top of the list despise being ESPs and having the mod itself at way lower on the list, or, at least not being in the same possition as the Mod List (again, alpine forest its the best example) If its right then great, i dont need to worry about.
  10. So.... since i havent installed the *Sync load order plug* for MO2 i didnt know what exactly it did. But i have installed now.. is this normal? Mods that usually are on top of one another now are swapped (alpine forest being near the top of the list, DAR- normal attack etc) i understand that some are ESM and these always go to the top, but those ESP? Have in mind that i recently updated the list to be up to date and then installed the pluging (havent updated the list since 2 updates ago, im up to date now)... maybe it has something to do if it goes based on order of installatio
  11. The thing its that i get this error once i do *just as the description says*
  12. does someone knows where the plugin_sync folder of MO2 its located? im installing Sync Load Order Plugin for Mod Organizer 2
  13. does anyone knows about a mod that allows multiple marriage? i have a bunch of high tier followers yet its a shame that i cant share my love with all of them (i have looked up on nexus yet "to have and to hold" seems one of those mods that breaks often, and most of the others seem too old to be usable. Or unecesarily complex to use, i just want to marry more than 1 spouse at the time.. probaly way more than 1) Same goes for followers sadly, im too stupid to find any mod that *just* increases the follower limit, and dont add unecesary stuff.
  14. Creature framework its just a mess, sometimes it works, sometimes it just breaks, and its pretty random about it. i do not reccoment trying to fix it, its not worth it since it will break as soon as you touch something else.
  15. @kesryth What version of 3BBB you using with MFBO? the most recent one of 3BBB (2.06) isnt compatible with the one on the fomod, and 3BBB 2.05 seems to not appear on the nexus page of the mod. Any help? and sorry for bothering you.
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