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  1. So far it works like charm. Thanks for the update.
  2. Haha. Actually, the same iron bars that are needed to craft them would be perfect. Iron bars and maybe brimstone if you prefer not to make repairing them too easy.
  3. First of all, it is a fantastic mod, thank you very much for sharing it with us. There is something I noticed and I'm not sure if it is intentional or just an oversight: some items (those that are called "Golden" whatever) require iron bars to make them, but when I try to repair them, I need "steel bars". Could you check those items and make sure that the repair materials are consistent with the original (crafting) material requirements?
  4. Okay, Fall Creators Update removed the lag. Still, I'd like to know if there is a way to optimize/debug .NIF files. I found an article on Construction Set Wiki (https://cs.elderscrolls.com/index.php?title=Nif_Optimization), but it does not work for Skyrim meshes.
  5. I'm using the [ANK] UNPB Really High-Heel Collection mod, but some of the meshes, specifically those in the /18 and /19 subfolders in the /meshes directory make Skyrim extremely laggy. I'm sure it's not related to the polygon count as Elewin's pumps (those in the /elewin/ subdirectory) that are also included in the mod have a much higher number of polygons and still they do not cause any noticeable lag. I also noticed something strange: I ran SSE NIF Optimizer (just as an experiment) on the nif files in the /18/ folder and the produced optimized _0 and _1 nif files are the same size while the original meshes are 1 240 906 bytes and 1 339 416 bytes respectively. I suspect that NIFs might be corrupted. Is it possible to fix those meshes? I know that it is not possible to convert SSE meshes back to Oldrim so I'm hoping that a Nifskope guru might have a few pointers. (By the way, I've removed the HighHeel system from the mod and converted it to NiOverRide so, in all likelihood, it is not a HH related issue.)
  6. Google is awesome huchi001 + 2B + DOA = https://huchi001.deviantart.com/art/RELEASE-2B-FOR-NAOTORA-UPDATE-2-669881926 Just don't ask me how to install it, lol.
  7. a) Turn off javascript; Copy text into Google Translate; c) Read the translation: "There is a password in the zip file. If you leave a comment asking for your password in 'Spill Prevention Dimension', I will inform you of your password in a comment."; There must be a members-only topic somewhere on naver.com where you can request passwords for members-only releases. "Spill Prevention" must be "Leak Prevention". Bummer.
  8. You should download the updated version that I reuploaded instead of the one linked in the op. That is version 1.0, this is version 1.1 I grabbed both, just to help, but why was it pulled down? Prolly coz there were nude textures/meshes and a marriage option. --> Pedo-bait.
  9. Im afraid much like the name intales, that is a reskin/retexture for the flame Atronach. I do know she is part of a monster resource pack, but i couldn't find it. it is "Persia Armor" by JackGa. the only thing I could find was a video with the link of steam. edit: here is the Persian weapon set, if it is popular. Warrior Within Swords - OUTDATED by BloodFree http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/35577/? http://static-2.nexusmods.com/15/mods/110/images/35577-1-1367605433.jpg http://static-2.nexusmods.com/15/mods/110/images/35577-1-1367605339.jpg Thanks, I found it on Modtype's blog, here is the link for anyone else who might be interested: http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/39602173.html The creature is part of the armor package.
  10. I'm looking for this amor/outfit. It is called "Persian Atronach" and some time ago somebody here on Loverslab posted a link to Steam Workshop where it was hosted, but the link is now dead. Does anyone have it maybe? Or a valid download link?
  11. I'm trying to track down an issue that prevents Scrambler from fetching my PC after having sex with 25 powder gangers. I found this code in SexoutPowderQuestScript. if slavefuck >= 25 && NCRCFScramblerREF.GetIsCurrentPackage SexoutPGScramblerFetch NCRCFScramblerREF.AddScriptPackage SexoutPGScramblerFetch NCRCFScramblerREF.EVP endif This code snippet seems to be a bit odd for me. It checks if Scrambler has the SexoutPGScramblerFetch package, and then tries to add the same package to Scramblers REF. Should it not check if Scrambler does NOT have package instead?
  12. I am using the Working Girl plugin but I have never been caught and punished for 'freelancing'. I suspect that I found a way to break the plugin unintentionally. I went to Gomorrah, talked to the Receptionist and she told me to get experience and piss off. Then I went to the Atomic Wrangler, signed up, got the outfit and did a shift for that guy. Next day I decided to try my luck in other casinos, so, still wearing the prostitute outfit, I went to Gomorrah, the Tops, the Ultra-deluxe.... and I was never caught, even when my girl banged a guy in front of a local thug. I walked up to the Receptionist in Gamorrah again, and she gave me the line that let me finish the current 'shift' and return the outfit to her (instead of the guy in the Atomic Wrangler!!). That was at Pro level 2 so it seems the entire Jacobstown / Brotherhood loop was skipped. Something else: I can fast-travel from the Fort after getting enslaved by Marissa. I thought fast travel would be disabled. (Yes, I have the latest Tryout package, my only "outdated" Sexout .esm is the SexoutCommonResources.esm that I had to roll back to the 20130328.1 version because the latest one caused horrible stuttering).
  13. Ok, something is not quite right here. Yukashii wrote on December 1, 2012 that he created a new thread. When I go to the new thread, it is locked. The Moderator's notice in the OP and in the last post says that that topic is outdated, and you should come back here. Recursion is fine in programming, but when it comes to trying to follow a topic, it can be confusing.
  14. Let me add my two-cent worth. I had similar issues: - approaching large potential sexual activity hubs like the NCR camp at Primm or the NCRCF (PowderGanger Sexout plugin was active) caused the game to stutter: first, it was just a momentary freeze, then, as I got closer and closer, the duration of those lock-ups increased to 3 to 5 seconds, recurring every 10 seconds or so; - removing the PowderGanger Sexout plugin improved the situation a bit, but the stuttering returned near populated areas; My solution: - Clean save, and I replaced the .ESM file from SexoutCommonResources-20130525.1 with the .ESM from SexoutCommonResources-20130328.1. No stuttering ever since, not counting the normal texture load lag.
  15. I'm looking for this outfit (I saw it some time ago on Nex imageshare, but I forgot about it until this image was posted today):
  16. Thank you! (Why was the [Thanks +] button killed?? ) Myself I was not a big fan of big breast mods but guess what, I tried a few of them, and along with the manga body, they are actually quite attractive, even for a girl. Life is a lot more fun with an open mind.
  17. I had an awesome mind-boggling battle... with crashes. Basically, I loaded the game, travelled to a major city, tried to do something fun and crashed. Tried to enter a building and crashed. In addition to crashing like crazy, I slit the throat of my Nth DB assassination target, killed a blood dragon that wreaked havoc among the chickens of Ivarstead, stole a tiara from a Dibella priestess during a ritual (which, unfotunately, did not involve anything LoversPK-ish ).
  18. There is an update for MBP on Nexus, it has been updated to 0.98.
  19. About the cattleya mod: This is how I see it -- when the modding community gives you free tools like nifskope and other authors give you a good 3D modelling tool (Blender) or even if you think about the 3DMax exporter/importer plugins, in my opinion there is an implied moral obligation to share back at least some of your work. True, Nifskope and Blender come with no strings attached (at least, no 'legal strings', if you catch my meaning), but who said that your legal and moral obligations/dues completely overlap? Yeah, I know the reasoning: "Well, those guys who created Nifskope decided to give away their work freely, that's their decision, mine is not to give away anything, that's my decision". Still, while I'm not sure how it works with the Japanese/Chinese interpretation of honor, the first guy is a honorable fellow and the second guy is -- even though his actions do not fall outside the legally permitted boundaries -- less honorable (or, to be honest, for me he is a complete asshole because he posts teaser images: 'See, I'm sooo awesome, you gave me free tools and I'm giving back nuthing').
  20. That's pretty good, what I am trying to do is cut the public hair and paste it into a new layer. Then I'll use nDo to convert the layer to a height map. When I'm satisfied I'll paste the layer back into the original _n.dds file of the shaved body texture. nDo is great, but it also turns body tattoos into a height map if you use the entire texture so I think working with a closely cropped pubic hair will produce better results.
  21. The 1.0 version is still free: http://quixel.se/nDo1/
  22. Yes, precisely. The color information coded into that blue layer represents the height differences compared to the normal plane of the surface. Check out this tutorial (the guy uses this nDo Photoshop plugin to create height-maps). You can see how the blue colored parts affect the surface... I'd say it is marvelous. http://www.philipk.net/tutorials/ndo/ndo.html
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