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  1. There was a mod called riding styles or something like that where they had mounts which you'd ride in some sexual way.
  2. for some reason it didn't work at all for me the first time. also the status button doesn't work at all on my end.
  3. This could really use a fertility chance like setting a chance that such an attack will cause pregnancy... especially if combined with Kyne's blessing....
  4. i got Sos because i was tired of fucking males with no penis. I'm using SE
  5. okay i'll try it out later, though i don't have any plans to use it on futa or male chars so... Looks really good from the screenshots.
  6. sorry had a brain fart does it require SOS if i don't plan on using it on a male?
  7. No ,but i didn't see any of that in the description.... So this works on it's own? no requirements?
  8. so how do you get this stuff in game after downloading?
  9. looks to me like you need to change something NIOveridde or Net immerse Override I think it's called.
  10. that would be nice ,but needs WAAY less ornamentation i'm talking plant leaves like though like what Elora wears in Spyro. like this image here but maybe not as open to the front... i d unno. Also that's UNP only from what i can tell... https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/27639 this is also a good elemental set of clothing i haven't seen in SE i think there was a plant one too.
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