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  1. Yes - either from containers, NPC corpses or both. All configurable from the MCM.
  2. Yes - either an MCM setting is stopping events from occurring or something is broken in your game. If you switch on debug in the MCM you should get messages telling you why a trap is triggered or not - be aware that if you open the DEC mcm the next container you open will not trigger an event. Also once you have opened a container it will not have a chance to fire again until you have opened a large number (from memory 100) other containers. If that doesn't help you can post a log covering opening some containers and I will take a look.
  3. There is a setting in the MCM that enables some residual scaling after the birth as effectively a permanent change. If that isn't selected then all scaling should return to zero by the end of the birthing event.
  4. Thanks for the feedback 🙂 The spoiled potions were added with exactly that in mind - it's just finding time in RL to do something worthwhile with them. Equally I would love to add more effects - or even more risks but time constraints mean it will likely be some time before I can
  5. The only way to tell is to take a look at the log when the animations should be firing. When this happens it is usually because the animations are not registered for some reason.
  6. Have you installed Estrus Charus? If so - have you registered the animations using the EC mcm?
  7. I have no issue with anyone releasing addons but IDK about how the author of Estrus would feel. AFAIK EC+ has always been "unofficial" in that sense.
  8. That is correct - DEC checks for the LocTypePlayerHouse Keyword so if that is keyword missing from a custom home location it won't be safe in DEC.
  9. And yet another minor bugfix - the last two strip item selectors on the "Player as Victim" MCM page now work as intended. Please note Defeat requires SkyUILib - the LE version is SE Compatible. It's OK to upgrade from v3.3 to 3.31 Defeat v535 LE Bane v3.31 Updated 080921.7z Defeat v535 SE Bane v3.31 Updated 080921.7z
  10. It would seem so - the problem is I don't have any other reports of this thus far and can't reproduce it. Are there any errors from defeat in your script log?
  11. In the unpatched version the tags visible when opening the creature menu were the installed human/human animations, not the creature ones. I updated he mcm code to display the creature tag list by default in this situation.
  12. I haven't made any changes to tags or default creatures other than making the creature tags visible by default, As far as I can see selecting the creatures wanted and setting Creature tags works as intended
  13. Based on the version numbers I suspect the addon is overwriting EC scripts with older versions - you will need to raise this in the EC Spider Addon support thread.
  14. I'm not seeing that - anyone else? What EC version/addons are you using?
  15. This may fix the problem - can you test it and report back please.
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