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  1. Since most of the mods in the existence force the player's character into a becoming a submissive bitch, being tied and punished by a doe-eyed babyfaced follower quickly becomes non-immersive. So, I was wondering if you guys knew any custom mods with followers that look the part of a master, mistress, w/e. I get that people may have different ideas about how a dominant follower should look like, so for me it's a combination of malice, sarcasm and arrogance. Physical prowess could also make up for lacking some of the previously mentioned attributes. For example, Xana looks pretty bi
  2. The links themselves don't, but if you visit the patreon URL and click the link towards the author's older projects you get redirected to the mega page of the game.
  3. Hey, I've had this mod installed for a few years and it's one of the best out there, so many thanks to the developer for its efforts. Lately, I found an issue that I don't know how to fix and I could use some assistance. The newer DD versions have animations for tugging on chastity belts. In my game, Herran has one of those belts equipped and once the tugging animation starts, he never stops, which can ruin the punishments. For example when he placed the PC in the cage and then said he would be back in one or two days, he stood there by the cage tugging on the belt for
  4. I've been looking for something like this for a very long while. Thanks a lot for the time and effort that went in making it. Can't wait to try it out.
  5. First of all, ty to the authors for sharing their wonderful work with us. I'm sorry for being lazy, and not reading the entire thread, hopefully this issue hasn't been brought up before. The doppelganger didn't mimic my PC's slavetats. I even tried adding them manually through the slave tats menu, but it didn't work. Did I screw something up? Ty.
  6. Hey, ty for taking over the mod and keeping it updated. I've got a question. There's a devious framework version in the downloads; does this means that slavers can use devious frameworks to actually walk you to the auction house? I was unable to get this work in earlier versions and I tried for hours.
  7. I really like the devious world addition and I think that it could really blossom into something spectacular. For example, how about having the merchants giving you normal prices instead of "slave" ones (presumably they raise their fees just like the innkeepers do when dealing with lowly slaves) if the PC spends a few hours tied outside their shop, advertising the business or offering free "services" to the customers?
  8. Not sure if anyone else has reported these, but I may have found a couple of bugs. In the straitjacket game some "friendly" NPCs will want to make sure you don't bite them. Once you've "talked" to enough people your devious follower will remove the gag when you talk to her / him. However, if instead of asking your follower to remove the straitjacket you go talk to other NPCs and get gagged again (so that u don't bite), you will no longer have the dialogue to remove the gag or the jacket. Also, once the sleeping with a gag game fires up, the only way to go back to normal was to res
  9. Thanks, I noticed that. I had to uninstall that mod and reinstall my XP32 with different settings to fix the issue. Can't be 100% about which one solved it, but my bet would go towards the skeleton one.
  10. Really interesting mod, I would love to try it out, but I recently started a new game and I'm not that inclined to take it from the top again right now. But soon... I tried installing it on the current gameplay, but it triggered a whooooooooole lot of stuff... such as messages from Shout Like a Virgin that "the maiden has escaped", the DCL message that the rubber suit has fully expanded, the Slaverun message that slavery has extended through the entire kingdom and several visual glitches such as removing the PCs hair and eyes or constant day night flickering. Not sure if it was because I did
  11. The most reliable way to trigger events in the leash game for me was to use the debug options to fix mod events or something like that and to teleport the player to the slaver / master/ whoever holds the leash. (Also in the debug options.) I got stuck once in annoying loop when a slaver walked past the furniture the PC was locked into and he decided to throw his lasso then kept trying to equip an armbinder even after I used the safety word to end the leash game. My question is: has anyone be able to convince those annoying slavers to walk them to the Simple Slavery market? I can ne
  12. Sorry for the long time I took to reply, work and stuff... I installed inflation framework, which keeps yelling at me that papyrus utills shouldn't be overwritten, but it's being overwritten by SLAL and so on.... I fiddled around with the mod, but couldn't fix things. Looking through the nexus mod list I realized that I also updated my skeleton along with those mods and now I'm guessing that's the source of my problems, I tried reinstalling it a couple of times with different settings, but no dice so far. P.S. the most noobish question ever: how do I get a list with all the mods
  13. First, thanks for taking the time and trying to help me. I did look through the MCM menu of every mod installed, including the ones you mentioned and disabled the body altering features. I'm kind of a noob, so I'm not 100% sure by "not using the same scaling method". I have NetImmerse Override installed and I believe that its INI file is used to prevent breasts size alteration, but I couldn't figure it out. I'm guessing it has something to do with one of these lines, but I'm not sure, which one iScaleMode=0 iBodyMorphMode=0 bEnableEquippableTransforms=1 J
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