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  1. Im not sure if its still true, but at one point the company doing the remake locked down their social media and linkedin accounts after this story came out.
  2. At this point MO is already baked in my head ,and for me at least its not worth it to change.
  3. I was testing a Follower In one of the caves in my play thru before I reinstalled. During the battle she summoned at least 6 of the soul cairn Skeleton warriors leaving me stuck till they de spawned. So please dont give followers mass or huge summons like dragons. I cant remember which one it was but there is/was a follower that let you toggle abilities on/off in the MCM .
  4. I tend to strip out all the over the top skills and abilities, change the outfits and armor if they dont fit Skyrims themes. I also normalize their starting stats and levels,while moving them to places that make sense. If I havent recruited a follower before the mid point of the storyline Ill never use them, Anytime past that Im usually past the point of needing followers.
  5. Over the last decade or so ,I stopped buying games with the intention that Im going to beat them. I have dropped games for many reasons ,such as not liking a MC, crappy story lines, and Bad pacing (grinding as filler to pad game length), and a plethora of others. Now I only buy games that seem interesting or are from developers I want to support financially.
  6. MO 2 , Because I hate console interfaces.
  7. I played and beat the original. Does RE-RE warrant a repurchase and replay thru?
  8. The whole collections drama has got me playing Mod Organizer 2. Reinstalling Skyrim SE and Fallout 4 ,to go thru 10? years of mods I have archived to make sure they are up to date or still work.
  9. First it was "Saints Row". Now its Knights of the Old Republic. https://nichegamer.com/2021/09/09/star-wars-knights-of-the-old-republic-remake-announced/
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