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  1. I took 117 of Mihail's mods, cleaned all the dirty edits with TES5Edit and merged them with the tool recommended above. The warning about Navmesh is real. My solution is to go back through and delete all of those kinds of edits and then not have to worry about it. ? Unless you are adding a house with doors or a dungeon, etc. why even mess with the Navmesh? Oh, and several different mods give "powers" and spells or "Actor Effects" to the SAME NPCs and those also didn't get merged correctly either. Sent a MSG on the Nexus Forum to Mihail and offerred to give him the merge I made. Cross your fingers. Oh, and if you decide to do your own like I did, good luck!
  2. After finding and downloading GomaPeroLand and having already been using and personally modifying The Oasis and Tropical Island (Merged With QWorld and linked to Aethersuite & Lower Hrothgar) mods for awhile now it occurred to me that MANY of Mihails creatures would fit nicely into those locations BUT, like many others, I shy away from single NPC hand placement and prefer that leveled lists be modified to include the new monsters/creatures which can then be easily MERGED into a bashed patch. That means far Less chance of having the lag issue from numerous spawns AND while looking at Mihail's mods I've found that there ARE some base replacements in the Tamriel worldspace which caused errors when using the merge tool. There also seem to be the same useless edits to the same interior cells and at least one FX edit that made no sense to me. Right now I'm downloading ALL of them that are available and "FIT" my vision while using TES5Edit to clean them up, then creating a merge with my own personal edit mod using GomaPeroLand as a master. Gonna call it GomaPeroLand Perils. ? There seems to be a LOT of room in all these worldspaces to add creatures and even IF or when a mod author updates it, as long as my edits are only MODS of their mod, I should be able to find any conflicts pretty quick and resolve them. With the possible exception of the Peacock's added to Riften & Solitude, I'm deleting ALL worldspace edits. Will just add the creatures to the leveled actor lists that make sense or create new ones for personal use. Also merging in Phitt's Fishtank demo because for some reason, I never downloaded it. Really want to create some tropical reef settings like I did in Oblivion and Fallout NV so that when I go swimming I have something to look at. ? OF course the waters may be a bit MORE dangerous to swim in once I place some slaughterfish spawn points that might just become a crocodile or Icthyosaur, etc. ? So, for those trying to do their own merge, hope the info about what I've found so far helps.
  3. Well, after a few years I've just reinstalled the Dance Together (fengwu) mod but it seems there is a wav file missing for at least one song so far. It is the weifengtang.wav. Anyone have any idea where to find it? I've already downloaded "Shake-it," "Shake-It-Even-More" and Dance Synchonizator 2.2b & even the 3.7 or whatever installer (although I don't plan to install it) looking for this music file and so far I'm not seeing it anywhere. Anyone happen to have it in their data file and willing to share?
  4. The alignment of animations is often affected by surrounding geometry. It is best to find an open, flat spot. Even though the NPC is brought to you, their original position may have obstructions that will affect things. You can also easily use the console to "realign" the actors OR just wait 30 seconds and try again. Location, location, location........ :lol: :lol: Oops! I didn't see that VonHelton beat me to the best advice that can be given concerning alignment issues.
  5. Until movement keys are added the BEST thing to do is ensure you have a good LOCATION to start the animations. You're gonna need room and even though the NPC is brought to you, try to ensure there is no geometry nearby that may interfere. BUT.....when you are not aligned properly or the NPC isn't, all you have to do it open the console and determine your X, Y or Z coordinates. Then change them. Player.GetPos X Player.GetPos Y Player.GetPos Z Player.GetAngle X Player.GetAngle Y Player.GetAngle Z THEN Player.SetPos X # (change things in small increments) Player.SetPos Y # Player.SetPos Z # Player.SetAngle X # Player.SetAngle Y # Player.SetAngle Z # You can use the same method by clicking on the NPC and if their REFID is properly selected, you can move them basically the same way. Now, I've had no luck changing the Z coordinates so that means you only have the others to play with but that is usually enough to realign the actors to suit the scene. Hope this helps.
  6. As an adult content modder myself the aim of all my offerings is always an attempt to add an additional layer of realism to game play. Now, would anyone realistically run around in lingerie and fight super mutants? Probably not. BUT, after a long day of slaughtering raiders, would it be nice to dress down into some lingerie, sit on your "Erma's Couch" knock-off and watch VOTW's while touching yourself? Maybe. Having used many of your armor mods in Skyrim to dress up my female entourage, since I play a male character exclusively, I can't say that the eye-candy was not appreciated. Fantasy Role Playing games lend themselves to anyone's fantasy no matter how outlandish and "perverted" it may happen to be. THAT is what makes them popular and THAT is why modder's cater to helping these fantasies along. I tend to lean toward the "Frank Franzetta" universe when it comes to dressing my femme fatales in Morrowind, Oblivion, & Skyrim, then I lean toward the "Sucker Punch" Steampunk outlandishness in my Post Apocalyptic games like F03, FNV & F04. NO that enticingly bouncing cleavage will NEVER stop a sword, arrow or a bullet. That's what shields & quick reflexes are for. =P SO.....YES....we need lingerie.....and YES we need skimpy outfits to put on our female protagonists. Because amidst all the Blood, Dismemberment & Death associated with all these games, a little bit of erotic entertainment & beauty is a VERY welcome thing. Just my 2cp.
  7. Not sure if any "framework" will have this option but I was thinking that a possible benefit of having sex with your settlers could be that they are temporarily given a workshop happiness bonus. A temporary spell or perk would apply the AVIF 0012722C (WorkshopRatingBonusHappiness) to the NPC and the amount might be determined randomly which would kind of determine how well you did. IF you did poorly there might even be negative happiness applied. =P Now, for followers, it could be an affinity boost....OR....not. ;-) For other NPC's it might trigger a gift or.....an insult. Just a thought.
  8. No, just craft it and use it following the description in the OP. No ammo is needed. The mod isn't dependent on anything and shouldn't be affected by other mods. Alright, but then I tried Crazy's mod and it crashes too. I wonder what's causing the crash. Do I need to have a new save? Reinstall Leito's mod ONLY. Make sure you have the latest version of F04 Script Extender. Find a save with as little as possible on it. Load it up, make the guns and try them out. Profit.
  9. They don't NEED to do anything. This stuff is all still in early days, have a bit of patience, and some fucking manners. I strongly second this emotion. The word "please" is very helpful when you want someone to do something for you when they really have no reason to do a thing for you.
  10. I Second That Emotion. EDIT - Oh ya, and FYI - some NPC's have AI packages or maybe Archetype anims that sometimes interfere with the adult animations. The NPC will often just stand up in the middle OR they will be moving their upper torso left or right like they are looking around. Not sure if a forced Follow package will keep that from happening or if somehow they are just Choose Packaging out of whatever your are using. It's NOT that big a deal. They can't escape for long. Bwahahahaahaha!
  11. Well.....the romance is over and Magnolia won't bed me anymore. There is a mod on Nexus that uses a ton of scripts to allow me to consummate the relationship again BUT......the change in dialogue is conditioned by only ONE variable. What I want to do is use Magnolia's normal negative response to CHANGE it back. That would be a simple script fragment I would think but my Papyrus sux. The quest is DialogueGoodneighbor (00033582) and the variable that gets changed from ZERO to ONE is ::MagnoliaRelationshipOver_var. Not sure if I can use the console to change the variable back because I've had NO luck changing variables with it so far. SO....any advice on using the console or how to script fix this very simple change in one variable so I can avoid a script heavy mod that basically does the same thing? EDIT - OK...anyone who wants to change the variable back to allow continued dates with Magnolia and doesn't want to add a script heavy mod to their load order can use the console: setpqv 00033582 MagnoliaRelationshipOver_var 0
  12. Did you get the first one's to work? Sounds like you got the other ones to work. Grats!
  13. Do yourself a favor and uninstall any other sex mod first. Do a CLEAN save. Then use Wrye Bash Installer to install Leito's mod OR do it manually so you KNOW all the stuff went to the right places. Don't trust NMM or MO or any other mod manager to do that for you. YOU should know what is in every part of your data file. Be sure to put his ESP at the very end of your load order. Load up your game and go to a Chem Station and make your two guns, one for you to have sex and one to make two NPC's have sex if you want. Go Shoot somebody with the single sex gun and the fun starts. You have to shoot two people of course with the other gun. Pretty basic stuff. I've shot one or two people with the silenced sex pistol, and nothing happens... Also, should I drag and drop the mods into the Fallout 4 data folder? I've been using the "add file from mod" option with NMM (the green plus sign at the top left of the screen) for all of the four-play sex mods. Also, here is a screenshot of my mod load order. Tell me if I'm doing something wrong. OK, well....I don't have any of the other mods working together with Leito's and I don't plan to any time soon so......there could be problems that the compatibility patch is causing. Who knows? I don't know what you mean by "silenced" pistol. Leito's gun is like a laser. You may be making the wrong gun. Leito's gun can be found under UTILITY in the Chem Station I believe. It will say Leito in the description. Did you ever get those other adult animation mods to work? I'd try to get Leito's to work without the compatibility patch first.....THEN add it after as long as it is the most up to date one. Good luck. Wish I could be more help. EDIT - Oh.....as far as installation.....I Use Wrye Bash Installer because it gives me a better idea of what the mods actually change. EVEN if I use NMM to install a mod, I will also place it in the Wrye Bash Installer to make sure it DID change those things. Just a better way to manage your data file IMHO.
  14. Do yourself a favor and uninstall any other sex mod first. Do a CLEAN save. Then use Wrye Bash Installer to install Leito's mod OR do it manually so you KNOW all the stuff went to the right places. Don't trust NMM or MO or any other mod manager to do that for you. YOU should know what is in every part of your data file. Be sure to put his ESP at the very end of your load order. Load up your game and go to a Chem Station and make your two guns, one for you to have sex and one to make two NPC's have sex if you want. Go Shoot somebody with the single sex gun and the fun starts. You have to shoot two people of course with the other gun. Pretty basic stuff.
  15. Ok, I can't resist.......Can you explain to me how wearing body armor allows you the mobility to have sex in the first place? !!! Well not body armor, but there are some sexy clothes and mods of partially revealing clothes i would like to see on the female during the act. its just a fetish of mine. IF you get the REFID of your partner before the act starts you can always use the console to "redress" them. I usually use the first 30 seconds for "set dressing" and making sure that any accidental mis-alignments are fixed, then extend the time for as long as I want after that for the screenshots or vid cap. IF you know the ObjectID's of the outfits you want them to wear, you can always make some Batch files that do it all for you automatically more or less. As the saying goes, "You can please SOME of the people SOME of the time, but you can't please ALL the people ALL the time." For those who don't want to do the work of undressing their partner's FIRST (Which is more immersive IMHO), you have the Nekkid Body Suit, which does everything you need it to do to "UNDRESS" the participants. In reality it undresses nothing. It only redresses them into something else, i.e., a nude suit. BTW, you could just swap out the nude body mesh with any one you wanted, i.e. one with lingerie, and it would show up.....All the time....on every applicable NPC....until you changed it. There's always more than one way to skin a cat.