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  1. ¿could someone please reupload something from here? It looks interesting
  2. This. +1 No. It is not as simple as that. Triratna was originally banned because he was too disruotive and refused to follow the forum rules. Then he evaded his first ban by making the Emily persona but after a while he fell into the same old bad habits and ended banned again. The original ban evasion was bad, but the main problem with Triratna is that he is too fixated in little girls (the Emily persona was part of that), and I don't mean just anime lolis. Both here and in Hongfire he used real photos of children as his avatars, he would argue that feeling attracted to children is as "legit" as homosexuality and even suggested that real CP should be legal. Triratna was just too conflictive and could easily get Ashal into legal troubles with the kind of stuff he was into, and tried to force into other users. I stand with it. It kind of reminds me of a frend i met some years ago. Some real creepy weird monster in the social aspect, and banned everywhere, irl and internet wise, but a good friend indeed. Probably the best of my life. And certainly the one with common sense at the most... I kind of miss her. The internet is really full of weirdos, but like the mexican said... eh... says, even dogs have races. Eh, Don't mind me. I'm just talking to myself by now. Anyway. Thanx for this mod. Awesome mod, awesome taste, awesome mess. Specially the mess. I don´t like the "lore friendly" one so; ¡buggy mess! ¡I chose you! And specially specially the taste ¬¬ Ah, sorry for bad english, but you know, "estoy usando el internet" and all that.
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