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  1. Hello everyone! So I am starting up a playthrough as a Slaver (not as a slave) and I was wondering if anyone can recommend any mods that would improve my experience? I have already decided to use Paradise Halls and all of it's addons, but I was hoping if there was any other mods, more preferably ones where I can leave branding's or tats on my slaves? But really i'm opened to anything. Would be awesome, thanks for reading everyone!
  2. Hey Evil, this Mod looks amazing! She seems perfect for a planed playthrough of mine! Just one question though, is the HDT Physics a hard requirment to use her? I'm trying to avoid using any Physics mods until I get a better built computer, but I really want to use her!
  3. When I install a plugin, should I overwrite? I'm trying to figure out if since I overwrote if this is the cause of my problems.
  4. Hello Ceo, I am glad to see you had a good vacation and you are still working on this project! I do have a small problem that I hope you or someone can help me with, not sure it's a bug or if i'm doing something wrong but I have Osex and OSA 9 installed with Wizard Sex. When I click on the number pad (If I remember correctly, it was enter that brought up the OSA menu) nothing pops up. I am also running the Amorous Adventures OSex version. Anyone know if I am doing anything wrong or if this is a bug?
  5. Cancel that, it started lol. Now capturing bandits and forsworn to sell to mines do I just keep doing this to advance the quest stages?
  6. Hello, stupid question here but how do I start the questline? I have become thane of Falkreath but the Jarl dosent give me any new dialogue options. Is there sometime else I have to do?
  7. Quick question with installing this mod, I have placed part 1 into a folder and tried to place part 2 into, but it's asking if I want to overwrite. What should I do, please help?
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