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  1. @PhoenixDragon Bunt is correct. Apologies, I didnt understand your question the first time just change the section he mentioned to the one you prefer and you should be good, I will not be changing that myself. Its at the bottom of the file just to help you search it faster
  2. white people? you can have any base phenotype you want just start in the right region, if your talking about names you would need to do it yourself as that is hard coded into the pharonic culture. @PhoenixDragon
  3. I might add an elective for pharonic that works like feudal elective but its not in the cards atm.
  4. It is possible for something to be overwriting the trigger and blocking them. @funfun74 It is also possible and most likely that Pharonic culture/Gov isnt valid for the elective succ laws as you can use the futa Succ law in your screenshot. Tanistry is Irish only and TBH Scandinavian should only be norse or its breakdown cultures and you are not a Feudal realm under Pharonic.
  5. @funfun74 I see the issue its the same issue succession laws have my next update on Monday will have a fix for the issue.
  6. I have found one issue with the new patch and have fixed it locally, I will put out small patch on Monday with said fix and any other issues I find. please if you find a bug let me know so I can fix it.
  7. Once you get it let me know if it still cant be selected. I like fixing bugs.
  8. you need royal prerogative unlocked to got to that level of crown authority, seems your not even in the early medieval era tech wise. Just need to unlock that tech and it should work unless you have it bc then its another trigger not working.
  9. @Rasthal Please post a screenshot of the tool tip that appears when you hover over the next level of crown authority. In the base game you need a specific innovation to pass it and the culture probably doesnt have it yet, but its also possibly a bug based on paradox hard coding another trigger.
  10. India and tibet both have a fair bit feudal area's and the middle east is mostly feudal but I am working on how I want to handle tribals atm.
  11. Tribal holdings do not convert, only feudal holdings can be converted at this moment @wickd
  12. @imaster18 new version should fix the succession issue. still working on the updating decisions/rule and working on tribal stuff.
  13. Hmm I will look into this I might need to make a custom succession law as it looks like paradox in their infinite wisdom has hard coded succession laws to feudal and clan govs for some reason.
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