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    Bonjour, Je m'appelle Alix.

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    I've built myself from the ground up.

    I saw the fishnets and they were ripped.
    Anyway if you can give me realness, feel your fantasy, get your life and give me the real hot t, message me or whatever.

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  1. It was a temporary update to sort of undo the damage. It's still in need of work before it's fixed. I'd imagine that's why he didn't release it here yet. You'll just have to wait until tomorrow I'd imagine before he can work some more on it.
  2. They've already stated it'd be the first half of October. The mod IS free, you don't HAVE to pay for it. They host a newer version on Patreon for people that would like to contribute to help get new updates out sooner but the mod itself is hosted here for free. It's not that hard to grasp. Waiting a month or so between versions won't kill anyone and if it's a big issue, they're only asking I believe $4.50 or something for a new version asap. Kinkyworld for sims 3 is set up the same way. If anything, doing it this way helps reduce potential bugs and makes sure Turbodriver is able to work on the
  3. is the most recent Sims update. I would recommend just updating to the most recent version. You need to have at least though if for some reason that's impossible.
  4. I was beyond thrilled when I saw you made animations and it was the main reason I decided to try the WW mod because I was a fan of the ones you made for 3 for the brief amount of time I could run that laggy mess. Keep up the good work.
  5. Is there really no tongue in Sims 4? I've had it since it came out and I don't think I've ever noticed that lmao
  6. I'm TRYING to play Witcher 3 on death march but I went too long between playing it normally (before Blood and Wine) so I'm getting murdered every five minutes or so. It's Alien: Isolation all over again minus the heart palpitations.
  7. All I find myself listening to lately is music from the 80s, especially 80s rock music. I do love cheesy hair metal bands
  8. Possibly dumb question but did you enable mods AND script mods? And if you mean that is your sims version I don't think that's supported. It seems horribly outdated.
  9. I detest when people come on this subreddit I go on all the time for Drag Race and complain about spoilers during on season. Common sense dictates that one doesn't go on a television show subreddit until you've seen the most recent episode and yet day after day people bitch about it and it's madness.
  10. I used to be hardcore into wrestling in general when I was younger but it lost it's magic for me when everyone I liked started to leave (Mick Foley being the main one) and I started to learn about the business aspect of it from his books. I play the games still but I haven't really watched the shows for years. Just matches here and there. I think the switch to more kid-friendly stuff didn't help considering I was a total Attitude era kid. I'm a total mark for Jim Cornette though, and I watch New Japan a lot. I think if Vince retires and Kevin Dunn gets removed then it could probably turn into
  11. Honestly I only use NMM at this point out of habit from Skyrim and even then like half my mods I end up manually installing. I fucked up last time I tried to use MO and now I'm just too lazy to learn how to properly use it. If I'm not mistaken (and I may be tbh) NMM adopted the whole not adding mods directly into the game directory like MO did/does. Definitely means a lot less hassle when starting clean.
  12. I'm asking literally everywhere but has ANYONE seen anything related to the Alien movie franchise? I would honestly kill for even a lame little poster from that awful AVP at this point.
  13. No problem. The thing that saddens me is how many people don't even realise how outdated that most likely is (given they only have four animations apparently) so people are having their games messed up not to mention you're not getting the credit for doing the lords work lmao.
  14. Hate to be a downer but that pandorasims website TOTALLY jacked this mod and put it up behind their paywall thing. Along with some of the animations. I suppose you could look at it in a flattering way but then again, it's a totally horrid thing to do. Just thought you should know. http://www.pandorasims.net/sim4_preview_adult.html <-----There, down the page a bit. They just gave it some bs name.
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