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  1. I am sure the problem is not NFF. I have the same problems in Skyrim SE with the SE version from nomkaz and also with your LE version (+SE converted animation files) and dont use it. (Vanilla follower works, mod followers dont.) But I dont think the problem comes from DF neither, many wrote they had this problems months before me and nomkaz dont release any updates since then. I got them since I reinstall my skyrim at the beginning of this year and because I always use backups of my mods, except the few files that are installed directly into the skyrim folder, I think the problem comes f
  2. I really like what happens to submissive lola since I played it the last time a few years ago, very enjoyable I like the idea of the "Thougths" feature, it increase the immersion a lot. Any plans to do the same with Arousing and Devious Items?
  3. Simple, you use Skyrim SE and try to use Animation files which are build for LE. Try to find out if there is a SE version of that mod or use some guides to convert them by yourself
  4. Interesting, I have the same problem but first since a few days. I try to use it with the followers I ever use and for months it works without problems but not now anymore. Have you installed or update another mod in the last few weeks? Somehow I believe it must be another mod that create that problem because not only DFC also some other mods of me starts acting strange.
  5. Thats is really kind of you to do such a favor for one person.
  6. The stupid question at first: Have you talked to the statue before and what did you choose?
  7. YOu just need a script that multiply "trigger" the TAB key
  8. Oh the companians,...nowit get really interesting What do you think about CC(C)C)) Animations when the pc is a member of the Companians, do you think that is possbile?
  9. Thank you very much :) The keybindings was inside MariaIdleIDs.json
  10. I have a little problem. Is it possible to change or delete the bindings for the keys 1, 2 and 4? I use this keys already for the fav menu of SkyUI to switch weapons or magic.
  11. The best thing to start is when you post your full modlist. OR do you think we can fix your problems with zero informations?
  12. Here it is: Vivis Cock Cage for DD v2.30_ORIG.7z Should you use Skyrim SE you could try this: (Maybe it even work with LE, no promise) Vivis Cock Cage for DD v2.30Fixed.7z I have fixed the cages (for the males) which are broken in Valedarius version. I have not test them all but until now I found no problems.
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