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  1. Do you want it to be exclusively for Toccata? Is this SE or LE?
  2. This shouldn't conflict with any other mod except for the original gigadeux which is supposed to be overwritten with this mod. These are the files that should be overwritten.
  3. That is normal. Wearing a shirt or full armour will hide the schlong. Pants by itself will not. Also, when editing the pants, make sure you delete the body that you imported after fitting the pants and conforming it.
  4. Have you tried opening up outfit studio from bodyslide, adding the mesh of your body (*_1.nif), conforming, and then modifying the mesh (outfit) to fit that body? I see a lot of clipping. The schlong shouldn't hang out if you're wearing the main armour piece unless you have it set to Revealing in the SOS MCM menu.
  5. Would the xml have anything to do with the limping? Trying to see if I can debug this issue
  6. Thanks! I just copied snippets of XML into another XML I've been using and it works! I guess there's no permanent solution for the limping as of yet.
  7. Is there a way to prevent the penis angling every time the game loads/going into another cell or get the hdt effect without equipping the hdt object? I keep having to re-equip the hdt genitals every time to stop the angling. Could it be done through the xml?
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