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  1. The Beauty of Skyrim - Part 2

    Thanks for starting this thread and keeping it going! It's nice to take a break and dig some scenery every now and again.
  2. Show Your Skyrim Counterpart III

    Here's a couple of my former main protagonist Passerina, the songbird. There's some regrettably colored nail polish on some of these, and the resolution is not very good, but hey, gotta start somewhere. P.S: One of these images has a secret nipple that someone on the Nexus saw and got SO EXCITED that it had to be taken down. Ten points to anyone who can find it! (The other nipples are not secret they are just regular style.)
  3. Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Thank you. Lighting is courtesy of Snapdragon ENB by Tetrodoxin and I think the ELFX exteriors module. The LUT profile used was one of the more bluey ones- 'Toon' or 'Eccentric', I don't remember which. Tattoos are also from Tetrodoxin, available at their 'All is Wunderbar' blog. They've been kind enough to make the tattoo shapes available in easily usable form, and provide an informative readme for how to make them appear in-game.
  4. Show Your Skyrim Counterpart III

    Some high-contrast snaps of my current protagonist Alosa Alosa is a genus of anadromous (they spend part of their lives in salt water and part in fresh) fish from the rivers, lakes, and shores bounding the north Atlantic. The best known species of Alosa is the alewife, so called by 17th century English colonists of Ndakinna because of sexism. Since 'Alewife' is a pretty crap name for a Bosmer or anyone really, I decided to go with Alosa, which sounds lovely. The Latin root of Alosa, alausa (a sort of fish mentioned in the works of Gallic educator Decimus Ausonius) also looks like it would make for a good name for a fantasy character. OK, natural history minute is over, and now back to our regularly scheduled boobs.
  5. Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Solitude Blues
  6. Skyrim Ladies Screenshots [Main Topic]

    Some more for y'all. ENBs used were modified versions of Kwanon and Snapdragon. Zea Some of these are a bit corny...
  7. Skyrim Ladies Screenshots [Main Topic]

    I like what you've done with freckles. And those eyebrows are just fantastic!
  8. Skyrim Ladies Screenshots [Main Topic]

    That Crazy Old Man has good advice. Rudy's is one of my favorite ENB's for its Depth of Field shader, which- correct me if I'm wrong- was coded by time-traveler Marty McFly. Two big draws to Rudy's work are the dramatic contrast settings and relatively lightweight performance impact. With the optional DoF shaders and the bokeh turned up to eleven, it looks like this: Megaloblast is another ENB-smith whose work is rightly lauded. Everything they make is lovely. Combine the DoF shaders from the former with the tonal control and atmospheric weathers of the latter, and you've got a winning combination that looks fantastic and can be played on a potato. The Snowfall ENB looks like this: The queen of all ENBs for screen archery, in my opinion, is Tetrodoxin's Snapdragon. That thing is a work of technical beauty, from its many, many LUT profiles to the easy tweakability of almost all values through the in-game menu. It's a bear to run, so expect a slide-show from computers without lions and tigers under the hood. Dig the best bokeh in the business: Another that bears mentioning is the the Legacy ENB from the vastly underrated master of the midtone, LaBeatBox. Highlights tend to get clipped way out, to the point where the sky looks washed to whiteness most of the time, but the atmosphere this ENB creates is great for capturing specific moments. Pretty good skintones on this one, too. Their other ENBs are also lovely. Here is Legacy: Kwanon, by texture-maker HHaleyy of Fair Skin fame, uses subsurface scattering in a way I've never seen anyone else quite do it. The ENB as a whole is hit or miss a lot of the time, with landscapes and many objects appearing washed out, and the stock DoF it comes with is pretty wonky. But with a bit of work, with the right framing, at just the right moment, it's really the best thing going. Ignore the red smudges in this one and look at the way the light reflects off skin: The best ENB, though, is the one you make yourself. I recommend stealing the bits you like from other ENB's- a SSS profile here, weather settings there- and mash 'em together into the body of something big and stable (like a Rudy) that works well with whatever generation of ENB binary looks and plays best on your computer. Probably it will be a horrible mess at first, but in unraveling how different settings affect each other you'll learn a ton about how color, light, goofy ENB code, and optics work. Tinker constantly, rummage around under the hood, and don't take any preset as a given. Put it all together and you get (via mad alchemy with gods know what original components tied to like a version .0262 ENB base) something that runs on a rutabega and looks like: This all is just my own two cents and nothing more. There are as many opinions on Skyrim visuals as there are ENBs- a lot! Hope this helps!
  9. Skyrim Ladies Screenshots [Main Topic]

    Well, I saw your gals and figured I'd be in good company around here! I think ginger folks tend to photograph really well- simulated ginger folks on a computer screen even more so- because most reds fit tonally at around 50% between black and white, to our eyes. Red balances against dark or light backgrounds, and stands out against most other common midtoned colors. Red goes with everything! Case in point: Dig them contrasts!
  10. Skyrim Ladies Screenshots [Main Topic]

    It's pretty refreshing to see such an array of skilled character-makers all showing off their tasteful-ish work in one place. Here's a couple of my own recreations. Some is pure cheesecake, some a bit more nuanced portraiture. Passerina Passerina is the genus of songbirds that lends the group (passerines) their formal name. Some of the most colorful birds in North America, among them the painted and indigo buntings, are in the genus Passerina. It's a lovely name for a lovely bunch of birds, and, I hope, a lovely character. This was my main character on my old laptop. I'd cobbled together a Frankenstein's Monster of an ENB setup that kind of sort of almost ran at a pleasant slide-show clip. I got it so with the settings dialed down I could almost actually play the game, and then crank everything back up to get some decent-looking effects for screen-shooting purposes. At the time I still hadn't figured out that expressive faces are more interesting to look at. Trite as it sounds, when I hear the indigo buntings singing their distinctive territory boundary song in the summertime, I think of this character and our time together- yelling at lizards and cave-hobos, failing to hit the glitch-ninjas of Skyrim with arrows, and crashing, crashing, crashing.
  11. Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    "The difference between pornography and erotica is lighting." - Gloria Leonard