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  1. seriously i feel like you had a particular concept but i just keep imagining my rich sims buying this, it's fantastic! We need more elegant bdsm devices! 😄
  2. i REALLY like this concept. it's like somehow elegant? i love the little cube tank at the end too 😍
  3. i love this! i was hoping to find an LE version but seeing as this is new, i don't see why you'd bother putting yourself through that simultaneously. i hope steam puts SE on sale soon because i have zero issues with keeping two mod folders 🤑 please continue pursuing this, i love mazes AND DDevices. I suggest, if possible, an MCM setting for the NPCs where you can set how they speak to you and such (depending on what you intend for them to do). For instance, setting them to all male or all female (if that's how they work), aggression levels(?), ability to hear player(?), how they refer to the P
  4. i opened the file location /).- its sexlab aroused so idk how its "from" the nexus, sorry i didnt check first
  5. i apologize, i'm very tired. Vortex says its from Nexus with a version of 2.8.0 with no i.d. and i'm on LE btw. i don't think i have any of your mods so i'm a little confused.
  6. i'm currently looking through my mods and updating but one of my mods is called fishburger67 and it's by you as well. i don't appear to be having issues yet (still need to open my game again) but i really can't tell what it is so i was hoping you might know. that's really all i need atm. please and thanks
  7. What does this upload contain exactly?
  8. Must be a pretty big bag for $2k.
  9. this is exactly why i don't want this, the mods are crossing over with each other and i don't want to see references to screwing animals.
  10. went to see what the game was, saw that it's free, DOWNLOADING
  11. she also looks like she's pledging to The Dark Order lol
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