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  1. hm... everytime after a few quests my game crash when i go to the dungeon for a new branding... can someone help me?
  2. it's working for me... but there are no customers :/
  3. are there any EU server testing it?
  4. i love this mod! thank you so much!!!!
  5. can someone help me? is it possible to delet my saved slave cloth? thank you for helping
  6. hey, i stuck at the quest where i have to escord the slave from solitude... i hang around in "tempel des kaisers" and can't do anything... i wait a couple days. do you have any idea what i made wrong?
  7. Hm... there is no marker for the Dibella Quest... and i don't know where i have to go, can you help me?
  8. how can i use the multibreast? i see the sliderpresets in bodyslide,, but can't see multibreast? how i have to install it? can annyboody help me?
  9. hey, i finish the markarth quest but when i'm back zaid has no new dialogs. can anybody help me?
  10. No requirement, you just dont completed the stages. When you're enslaved, talk to Frabi, talk to Daithe, and talk to Hashep. You will be able to do task after Hashep will give you the soup (stage 30). Slav task givers have quest markers. no, sorry i try it but it dosn't work
  11. hey, when i'm enslaved i can't do any task... i have no new dialog and no marker... is there maby a mod not in the requirements? hope you can help me
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