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  1. I got it but still getting a flaccid penis. Could it be possible something is wrong with bodytalk? AAF_morphSetData.xml
  2. I've still got flaccid penis on the male human npcs. I'm assuming I only need to look at the AAF_morphSetData.xml (attached) or is there something else I should check? Here is my mod order on left side of MO2 up to the patch above. Everything past this point have nothing to do with animations (I think). AAF_morphSetData.xml
  3. Hi Ego, love the mod and been using it a lot. Good work on it and thank you for keeping it updated and awesome. I was thinking of making an addon mod for it as well but am new the mod scene (have done some scripting before in unity c# and lua). Papyrus looks pretty straight forward but as far as getting everything else plugged in I get a little lost when looking at Creation Kit. It appears to me that tool is a real mess. I'm thinking of adding a mod that extends some of the features you already have available like the fertility chance be broken down more into ovulation and ovum cou
  4. Creates a brown face bug that I can't fix for some reason. I tried different face textures such as valkyr and high poly but didn't fix the issue.
  5. OK thanks. I noticed that with my followers, there is no notification of them receiving creature sperm and it doesn't show in the MCM Information page until my character gives them sperm. Once my character gives them sperm, then it shows the creature sperm in them as well.
  6. I'm having an issue with Sasha. She was talking that she needed to bond with me but something happened to where we never were able to. So now I have a quest about Sasha wanting my attention for something but I can't complete it. I've tried all dialogue options. After a blowjob, she'll get the lightning/masturbation event but once it's complete nothing happens and I still have the quest. Is there any way to reset her?
  7. Do I need to include all previous patches or does 13c include them?
  8. Cool, the latest version fixed the issues I was having. Thanks!
  9. Open console and type coc NorthSkyboundWatchExterior01 That will teleport you outside the keep if you can't figure out how to get there. Also, I'm experiencing the brown face and dialog issues as well. I also seem to not be able to get the Enslave spell to work. I cast it on NPCs but nothing happens.
  10. If anyone has the files, can you please share it somewhere where it's easier to get?
  11. Well, just got my answer. I installed it and started a new game but got this error.
  12. For some reason my player won't strip when using outfits from this mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/10946/? If using any other mod or vanilla clothing/armor, my player will strip them fine. Is there something I can do to make this mod strip?
  13. Oh you're right. I should've included that info. I'm north of the Nahant Wharf trying to do the institute quest to meet up with the courser. There's a sentry bot in the way and so I kill it. After it blows up roughly 10 seconds later it crashes, everytime too. I should also mention there was a sentry bot behind me that I destroyed but it didn't crash on that one.
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