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    Hellblade!!! Play the VR Version. https://www.hellblade.com/
  2. https://www.google.de/search?q=tes5edit
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    msex Veronica D/s

    I've noticed, if you get the whore yourself out and collext x caps. This task is marked as completed if you got to a merchant and sell stuff. I was in this situation and Veronica took away my caps
  4. sukram0815

    msex Fort Slavery

    Thank you for the update Sorry, but I have to report a bug I'm playing as a slave of Veronica. If she orders you to stand still and someone enslaves you while you are not supposed to move, Veronica gets angry and teleports you out of the slave tent without the slavemaster be able to encounter you.
  5. sukram0815

    msex Veronica D/s

    I love this mod and in combination with your fort slavery mod i love it even more! The greatest thing of this mod is the compatibility to travel alongside your mistress One thing is not working for me. I've installed the Willow companion mod. If Veronica orders to whore yourself out and Willow approaches, the companion mod breaks completely.
  6. sukram0815

    msex Fort Slavery

    WOW! Just WOW! This mod is realy great! Thank you so much Mavia. I like the idea of beeing enslaved along with your mistress I'm playing this mod with your Veronica esp activated and have encounted two problems. In slaves tent: When one of the slave masters stands up of his chair, he gets stuck. Then I can't interact with him. If I try to speak with him, the weapon at his chest just rotates and nothing happens. I'm not sure if this happens random or only then while my char is used by the mistress or another slave master. If I tell to the slave master "my mistress is using me..." or something like that, the slave master disappears somewhere under the ground... He comes back after his rape animation is finished so i think. Outside: Great Thank you!
  7. sukram0815

    Sexout SewerSlave - updated 2013-Dec-28

    I put something like this into SexoutSS but i removed it again. Or not? I'll look at the changes i did and tell you where they were added if they are still there. But I think SexoutSS is the wrong place to put something like this in. The problem is, if you load 10 mods with hunger damage, you can possibly die by one fuck... I think it's better to have a mod which does it globaly for all mods.
  8. sukram0815

    Sexout SewerSlave - updated 2013-Dec-28

    First time modding and i have no idea how the whole modding works... (Started modding 2 hours ago -.-) But what i have done is to change positions of FF sex partners. It was annoying if the girls payed to lick a pussy... Now the Player is licking instead. In hardcore mode if the player asks for food there is a chance to be feed oral and no food... -20 hunger from male and -5 hunger from female. Collecting pheromones now starts oral sex. ( The animation wasn't starting ) I played around with the "SexoutSS-2012-Jan-19" version.
  9. sukram0815


    thanks a lot:DI've just find her,and there is another question:when the queen‘s mom’s mom.... appears in the cave she did not fight to the gypsy(the two just stand...)so I can only use the control console to kill the gypsy,is that a bug?(However I've finally passed the whole quest of this great mod now,and waiting for the next update~~) Humm ! no they fight for me, it hard being leashed trying to stay out of there way, so they don't kill me..LOL I It could be a variable count that is not right, the variables change with each violation All things have to fall into place correctly. I tried to rush when testing this always made a big mess. So I had to for the most part play out the Quest line, which was very BoRiNg.. after about the umpteenth time . I am messing with other stuff at this time, but will try to look at it when I get time. Maybe it helps, the first time I entered the Cave gypsy was teleporting from one place to another while she was talking to me. I cant remember, but I think it was the same as my char was raped by the skeletons. It was the same during the fight. Until the just stood there. The only way to complete the quest was to kill gypsy.
  10. sukram0815


    Using "Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Disable BandBlindMask.esp" wiht StupidNPC will bald - whatever. On the other hand "Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Disable BandBlindMask.esp" is needed by LoversCrowningIsle. I think there may be a conflict.
  11. sukram0815

    Dark Bloodlines

    Use: ether