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    No Zipfile!!!

    I have 7Zip, but every time I try to download and install the mod it won't download it as a zip file but instead it does it as an Internet Explorer file (I use Chrome for browsing) and I can't seem to get the mod to register in game. Please help, I love the mod and am dying to get it working again
  2. Apparently the creator has abandoned this page...over a month and not a single response. Bad enough this file seems to be wrong (it will not download as a Zip-file, only as a media file and I still have the issues I listed above)
  3. Why is it when I download Amra72's animations it downloads as an actual Zipfile but with yours it's some kind of media/video file? I have the hardest time getting your animations to work in game, they game lets me select them but the Sims just stand there occupying the same space.
  4. I can not get your animations to work at all.... the game shows me the options and will even "work" but the 2 sims just stand occupying the same space not doing anything at all. >:( I haven't had any issues with Amra72 or Oniki's base animations...never been able to get the furniture to let me do anything except lock the sims into the piece...no other interactions are valid....why is this happening?
  5. I can't get hardly any of the animations to work...it tells me there is no suitable stage found or no animations found, Mod allowed me to add the animations and seemed to accept them...but it rarely gives me the options except solo acts and vaginal...seen low shark a couple of times and top shark once but it didn't do anything...I switched to Kinkyworld from Graphical XTC to get some variety, but this mod does not function nearly as well Is there a functional list of the interactions and how to use them? Also If someone has a list of the best settings for the mod that would be awesome, I don't understand what some of the setting menus even mean
  6. I can't get any of the animations to work despite the game having recognized and installed them (or so it claimed) the only ones that work are ask for vaginal, solo masturbation and standing vaginal got couch anal to work once..none of the objects work (shower, bed, rug etc) there are no other positions available and I have everything turned on correctly so far as I could research HELP!...GraphicalXTC worked better but was BORING I really don't want to go back to it