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  1. Thank you, I will increase the range of the lock on There are three sex positions right now, though they are random. I am working on doggy style "the girl would fall and get up again, and it would start over." For now, this is intended. Each goblin has a horniness level. When they have sex that goes to zero and they will no longer sex you. It's intended in the future that if all goblins in combat with you have no honiness, then you will instead be abducted. I would like to do controller support in a later update I am going to add blood at some point. Ther
  2. Thank you! So I was able to get the supporter build's zip file down to 4.7 GB, it's currently uploading and should be ready in a few minutes or so.... Working on getting the public demo down to that level too. EDIT: The public build is uploading now, it's slightly smaller than the other build.
  3. I don't own a 4k monitor so I haven't been able to test the game on one. At some point I'll have to acquire one and set things up to work correctly for those who would like to play the game using 4k. Right now I'm rebuilding the supporter version which I'm hoping should shave a few GB off but I won't know until the build is complete. Once that's done I will also rebuild a smaller build for the free public build.
  4. I checked my bandwidth and it does seem that quite a few other people are currently downloading the file: The bandwidth is marked as infinite so it shouldn't be limited by that. I know every support guy will tell you this but, maybe try power cycling your router? Please don't take that the wrong way, I'm just trying to help. I'm also looking into lowering the download size, not by a lot mind you but it should be something.
  5. Well, most of the size comes from large resolution textures in order to make the game look nice. The options do allow you to use the smaller resolution textures in case you have a computer that can't handle them. I do suggest you try playing with the highest settings first because I was able to run it on my older computer I bought when I was in college without issues. I'm also paying for business hosting, so the download will happen as fast as your own internet connection will allow. So if you pay for a gigabit/s internet connection, you should have it downloaded in about 7 seconds. Of cour
  6. Demo is released here: https://subscribestar.adult/thavus I've also included a release video on my twitter! Just a cool short little video.
  7. We reached out to Patreon about their community guidelines. We were told that our content would not be allowed on their platform due to the sexual violence contained in the game. We’ll be doing monthly updates via Subscribe Star.
  8. I was thinking the same thing. It's very easy to fix, I'll just move the 3P camera arm over a few meters or so... (Only adds the extra arm length when locked on. Just implemented it. It looks a lot better) Thank you for the well wishes!
  9. Thanks for the compliment! I've posted some more videos on my twitter. You can see some of the combat that's available there.
  10. Here's a preview of one of the sex animations. I've posted this on my twitter as well. RiseOfAsmodeusDemoUpdate.mp4
  11. ROA is an in development role-playing game developed by me. The completed game will feature various creatures which the player can defeat or fall to, quests to undertake and a story written by a writer known as EmiliaRoseWriting. At the moment of writing this I have developed a combat system, sex framework, Enemy AI ( with Patrolling, Searching, Combat), inventory system, equipment system and more. ROA is meant to be a fantasy based RPG game where you play as a young peasant woman. Through your actions your character may become anything from the heroin your failing country needs to a lowly
  12. XelswordArt released his occultist mod. Get it here and support him so he makes more :] https://www.patreon.com/m/3756753/posts Looks like he's working on the houndmaster next.
  13. Use the localization.bat file in the localization folder.
  14. Would not be surprised if a mod added something to the save file that the updated version of the game is not able to read. I'm not bothered too much, I'm still having fun with the game
  15. Yea be warned, when I switched to the latest DLC with mods enabled, my save was corrupted. Now anytime I try to load it, the game crashes. Had to start over. Even validating the game files and disabling all mods did not fix it.
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