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  1. spoons666

    Bodyslide Clipping help etc ?

    It's really hard to stop all clipping, but you could try and zap out the mesh that isn't being seen. (Basically "hiding" the mesh that's not needed to be seen because you're wearing the outfit.) I don't recall how to do this as it's been a while. Edit: This might help you. Good luck! https://github.com/ousnius/BodySlide-and-Outfit-Studio/wiki/Adding-zaps-to-projects
  2. Finally, mod support is out for Final fantasy XV with the new mod organizer allowing you to mod the game. Steam notes source. This looks really promising. Edit; On second looks and actually using the tool myself i find it rather lacking and pretty disappointing. It's pretty limiting to what you can do and i don't even believe you can edit/replace in-game assets apart from models, weapons and outfits. If i wanted to replace Cindy with Noctis then you can't do this unless you get the Cindy model (no file extracting software comes with this so you'll have to get the models someplace else.) Then you'll need to rig and weight paint the model with the correct bone naming convention. (provided in a list.) And after that you're mod still might not work/build depending on the third party 3d software you used and your export settings. (has to be exported as FBX.) This seems like something that could've been amazing if it was built in. Just a simple in-game, pre-rigged assets replacing an in-game pre-rigged asset, but that's not possible. The tool is still rather new and only just came out, but it doesn't look as amazing as i was expecting/hoping it to be. They did say that the modding tools/options would start of pretty basic (model swap, texturing, etc.) and then get into more complex modding down the line with scripting, quests and a map editor they showed off. So maybe it'll get better.
  3. I personally use version 2.76 without any issues, but just did a quick animation test with version 2.79b (current latest build) and everything seems to work fine for me without any problems. (apart from me adding an extra < T > to the xml file and the mod not working, but once i deleted it, it was working perfectly fine.) (Tested with both Female_E5_Dagger's Rig and the edited version Female_Dagger's_Rig(boobphys) I'm assuming the male ones won't have any issues either.)
  4. spoons666

    Zoophilia with WickedWhims

    I was curious about this myself and made it a personal project to try and rig a canine like the male/female rigs, but for the life of me i couldn't figure out how they managed to use two armatures to control one mesh. (original_rig and then the control_rig.) I've spent countless hours looking through the male and females rigs thinking maybe it's drivers or some type of animation tracking. (It basically blew my mind because i've never seen it done before as usually only one armature controls one mesh.) That is until just today when i honestly had a eureka moment and figured it out. So with my spirits high, i've gone and done a proof of concept IK/FK switch controller_rig on the tail part of the dog. (Super basic, nothing fancy; i.e basic primitives for the bone shapes. I did the tail part as it was quick and easy, but this can be replicated to the whole rig/body with some work and know how that i am planning on doing later, hopefully.) I believe this is still a huge project that'll either take me ages or i'll just give up on through either frustration, boredom or time, but i'm just glad that i finally figured out how they did it so i can now die happy. WIP Rig (Large dog) - bare in mind, i don't actually own the pets DLC for the sims 4 as of yet, this was just a .blend file someone posted somewhere on LL of the large dog model/rig that i downloaded and am in the process of adding a controller rig to but can't for the life of me remember where i downloaded the .blend file from. I'm just assuming that the large dog rig will apply to all the large dog breeds/skins, but i'll probably have to make different rigs for the smaller pets if all goes well and i stick with this little project. Again this is really just a personal project and if it goes well and i'm able to get it in game/working i'll be sure to release it to the people who are interested, although there is still loads of work to be done and i have no idea about adding genitals or how that'll even work because with the male version the bones are named "penis bones" (I would've thought they might've been spine bones for the penis so that shows you how knowledgeable i am on this subject. Lol) so i'm guessing it has something to do with the s4studio and how it manages the .blend file. I'll have to look into that.)
  5. It maybe better if you uploaded the requested image to LL directly or another image hosting site. (not imgur.) instead of linking to tumblr because they changed it so you have to login to view NSFW stuff, so i doubt people will take that extra step to login to tumblr just to see the picture. (just my two cents friend. ) Good luck!
  6. spoons666

    The general WIP thread for animators.

    I use version 2.76 and i do hope Zivyx comes back as their animations were very promising. At they very least i wish them well. I can personally rig the canine to have an IK/FK switch rig, but i have no idea how they managed to get the controller_rig to control the original_rig (That honestly blows my mind how they did that.) This is talking about the female/male rigs, but the same would apply for the canines as well since they'll probably be made with their original_rig and a control_rig like the male and females. (My guess is maybe drivers, but i'm not sure.) Are you Zivyx? Because those first two animations are ones he/she posted here. (But have since been deleted for some reason because i believe they left? But i definitely remember them posting those first two animations.) If you aren't Zivyx and you just stole his first two animations and added your animation to the end then there is really no need to do this as you can tell by the quality of the first two animations and the last one that they are done by completely different people and i know this is a WIP animation thread, but Zivyx never released an animation preview that was not of the same quality to the first two animations in your post. (This is not a negative thing as many people have different skill levels and the only way to improve is to keep at it.) You definitely shouldn't be stealing other peoples animations though and claiming them off as your own because even if you feel like your animations suck, that's why you post them here to get feedback/show everyone what you're making. Everyone sucks at making animations their first time round, but it's the people who stick at it that get really good. (100% with out a doubt those first two animations are Zivyx's.) Hell, my animations are trash compared to Zivyx, but again, people learn at different paces. My WIP Stage animations; (fixing the breasts physics still allude me and i think if i ever make a pack i'll just hand animate/fix the breasts at the start myself to stop that annoying "bounce".)
  7. spoons666

    Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

    I find this a rather unlikely and bs "leak" in my opinion (on the CC part) as Bethesda know full well what the modding community has done for their games, extending the life of them by ten fold. Just to completely ignore that and only opt for CC mods would be a PR nightmare in my opinion and i doubt fans would keep quite about it. Either way, mods will always happen if there is a demand for it. I'd like to see Bethesda try and keep external mods out of their games, especially adult ones. That's if this game is even going to be any good as we know very little about it apart from leaks that can't be trusted or verified, so i'll just wait till E3 to see what this game is about and watch carefully to see if they mention anything that raises any red flags. (Something along the lines of; "Add countless hours to your game with the new and improved CC system! No external mods allowed") I doubt they'll even mention anything about it as it'll probably be met with a boo. But if this game is in fact a Fallout 4 co-op type thing then i'd like to know how they plan to keep external mods out of the game because i'm no programmer, but Fallout 4 already has means of getting external mods into the game as of right now so i'm not sure how different it'll be unless Bethesda are changing up the whole engine, although the teaser trailer looked exactly like Fallout 4, but still, it'll only take a talented programmer to bypass/reverse engineer the "new engine" and any of Bethesda's defences if they do decide to go down the CC only route. That is if it's popular and it probably will be because they slapped the Fallout tag on to it. Fallout 76 seems like such a placeholder/rushed name to me as they could've named it anything, hell if it's a completely stand-alone game then why even add the Fallout tag to it and just make it a new IP, curious. (for hype/sales i guess or they just didn't want two apocalyptic style IP's.)
  8. spoons666

    I need help with a mod

    Beautiful Corpse Tara Ultimate Furniture Pack Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade OBIS
  9. [Dint] BDO_Sor_Cartian_ v1.1 (CBBE) -- Mega [Dint] BDO_Sor_Cartian UUNP BS -- Mega
  10. spoons666

    FNIS - Too Many Animations

    Do you have the XXL version of FNIS installed as it allows 20,000 animations and you'll probably be able to keep both? (Optional section)
  11. It's an add-on for Blender called "Screen Cast Keys" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6u5tD5gvxww
  12. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/87412-searching-for-bdo-hillat-cbbebodyslides/ BDO Pack has that outfit included. Maybe someone else will post a link with the standalone version if that's more what you're looking for.
  13. spoons666

    The general WIP thread for animators.

    Can't you adjust the breasts after you've baked so they rest on top of the chest. (Bit more work on your part but the results may look better and you wont of wasted your time on an animation.) This is assuming you're using physics for the breasts, but if you're not you can just animate them normally without baking first. Or you could pull the female up a bit so she is not as close to the male. Nice work! You're improving and the only way to keep improving is to keep at it. Just watch out for those arms (and legs) as in real life they usually never become as straight as that as it looks "snappy" and for me personally whenever i see the arms/legs snap straight like that it makes my animation look very un-natural. Play around with her clavicle and think about how the force is being applied. For example, she would use the end of the bed to push herself back up and onto the males dick so the shoulders should come forward to emphasize that motion. Also a little trick i learned is focusing on the main motion loop first and once you're happy with it just copy and paste that loop a couple of times and then work on the face, head, eyes and mouth, etc... As this will give it a more natural look. Or you could work on the whole thing in one loop and then copy and paste everything a couple of times and then change up the secondary parts (face, head, eyes and mouth, etc...) so they are all different and brake out of said loop, but obviously remember to keep the first and the last key the same for the actual loop, as i'm sure you know.
  14. Just to make perfectly clear. You're using MO2 for the special edition, correct? As if you're playing original Skyrim then you're far better of using the already made original MO and not MO2 since that was only really made specifically for the SE of Skyrim (64 bit) and was since abandoned because its developer got hired to work on the new NMM, but not sure if it got picked back up again by someone else and completed as i don't really follow it much. From the looks of your folder path it appears like you're using original Skyrim (32 bit) with MO2? You should look at it like this; Skyrim Special Edition(64 bit) - MO2 or NMM SE Original Skyrim (32 bit) - MO or NMM I'd suggest using the original Skyrim and MO currently since it has much more content and the tools are more reliable than the SE tools as they're still very early in development and prone to crashing a lot, although you would benefit from playing on the 64 bit version of Skyrim SE i feel it's not quite there yet. I'm personally waiting for SE to catch up with original in terms of content and that'll probably take a long time and even then some modders left Skyrim a long time ago and may never convert their mods over to SE. The 32 bit original version of Skyrim is prone to crashing a lot, but personally i feel that a lot of crashes are the result of bad modding/load order. (Human error is always the cause in my experience.) If i have in fact got the wrong end of the stick then i'll at least answer your question on how to install/run FNIS as i couldn't imagine MO and MO2 would be any different from each other. I personally don't use MO2 so maybe you can in fact use it with Skyrim and it's completely different than MO. If that is indeed the case then maybe someone with more knowledge on the specific subject will come a long and help. Usually frozen animation with voice means you either didn't run FNIS or didn't register Skyrim sexlabs/animations.
  15. spoons666

    Estrus Animation missing

    It's intentional. Those animations are not referenced yet and will be coming in a future releases. https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/937893-estrusforskyrim/?p=58117416