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  1. Official Uncensored English Honey Select Unlimited!

    I agree. The main point is Illusion are finally (hopefully) acknowledging there are a lot of people outside of Japan that want to play their games. I also hope Illusion try something new and different in the future, maybe they're under the saying of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Illusion's games are pretty popular so i guess loads of people must like the whole male protagonist category, i'd love for them to take a risk and try something new but keeping with the whole h-scene stuff that they're known for. Maybe in the future. Yep, lets hope the sales are good enough so they either release some of their old games in English and uncensored (unlikely) or they release their new games to us so we can buy them and support the developers instead of having to either buy the game on a Japanese site and mess around with a translation mod or getting the game by some other means. I'm sure loads of people would most likely buy 100% English/uncensored Illusion games rather than resorting to the other mentioned methods. (That's just my opinion though.)
  2. Only just found out about this and its seems pretty awesome to me. (I've known about the game, just not about Illusion finally deciding to sell it in English and 100% uncensored.) It's finally happening! I hope this does well so Illusion sees their products are wanted over here. I quote; "Honey Select Unlimited will be released in English completely uncensored for the first time, with assets directly from the Japanese game developer. No white bars, no mosaics, and no telescoping glowing light saber penises. Like all FAKKU releases, Honey Select Unlimited will be made available completely DRM-free. Additionally, users who subscribe to FAKKU will get 10% off the game and a discount on all games made available on FAKKU." Source; https://www.fakku.net/forums/games/honey-select-unlimited
  3. Skyrim Custom Pose Tutorial

    If you mean to change the unp body to a cbbe one? My main body was a cbbe body, the unp body in the blend file is really only there for a visual cue and the bones are all that matter. Swapping the body over is probably possible, but would most likely cause issues with the weight painting. I'd personally suggest using the unp blender file and just keep tweaking the pose and looking at it in-game until you get it how you want with your own body. It's been so long since i've messed around with this and i can't say i ever got that issue. Does this only happen when you go into a pose? If so i guess all you can do is just use freecam to take your screenshots and then it shouldn't be an issue because once you go back to the default idle the camera should be centered again, hopefully. Sorry i can't be of more help.
  4. +18 SFM Animating/Posing

    Hey, good luck! If you want my honest advise though; I made this tutorial a while ago and SFM is pretty dated now. I'd personally recommend going with blender instead as cycles allows you so much more freedom with what you want to do as well as making it look visually pleasing to the eye. It's very easy to get started with blender and you can even use SFM models in blender. (Once you decompile them) Bare in mind though that blender is pretty hard to learn/get the hang of, but once you know the basics it's pretty straight forward. Don't get me wrong, you can still make some nice stuff in SFM, but blender or any other 3d software will give you better results by far. (I pick blender because it's free and the majority of smut artists use blender.) For comparison i'll show you a render that took me 10 mins to make in blender (That includes finding the model on sfm, downloading it, decompiling it, importing it to blender and adding the textures. I never used any fancy lighting, just a HDR studio image. The more artistic the person the better the results. The image below i would personally consider not very good since it was a very quick render with not many samples, but it does the job in this instance.) Also when you decompile the sfm model to blender it keeps it's bones so you can easily pose it, but they're FK bones so you'll have to either set up your own rig for animations (i.e learn how to rig a character and what not. (Blenrig is popular, but if you just want to get stuck in and rig the character using the already pre-applied bone weights you could just follow Lizendy's tutorials; Part 1 importing and texturing and Part 2 rigging (zero weight painting required as you'll be using the old weights already on the body to setup an IK rig.))) and another render from SFM were i actually tried to be "artistic" and it turned out rather meh, i'd say. The difference in visual quality between SFM and Blender is not even a question. (SFM is very old now, while blender keeps getting updated.) You could still do SFM porn since you'll be learning animation and once you've learned animation you could easily transfer those skills to blender. There are a few down sides to blender though. 1. No tutorials on animating bender porn at all. (None that i've seen/found.) This is why it may benefit you to start in SFM and then take what you learn about animation over to blender. 2. Rigging a character can be a pain and the weight painting is the worst. (Some people actually enjoy it! Psychopaths, i bet they enjoy fixing bad topology as well. xD) If you go with Lizendys tutorials you shouldn't have to worry about this, but there are benefits to making a rig from scratch as you'll have a better and deeper understanding of how things work. 3. Blender can be confusing/hard to understand, but once you've got the hang of it, it's pretty easy and fun to mess with. Blender Guru and Gleb Alexandrov are your best friends here. You could also take a look at a site called smutba.se. People upload their models there so if you're only interested in making some porn then you can just download someones rigged model and go ham with it as well as the discord has some very useful information in it, but be warned the people in there are not welcoming of people asking questions that are easily googled and will call you out on it in a not very polite way. I personally just watch and see what nice information i can gather like head hacking for example. Sorry for the huge rant. Whatever you decide just make sure you're having fun since that's the most important thing, because if you're not having fun then what's the point? If you need any help feel free to message me or reply here and i'll help the best i can. (Not so much with SFM as i've stepped away from it and moved onto blender, but the discord does have a sfm section in it if you need help.)
  5. [3ds Max] [Skyrim] Video: Animation Tutorial

    There is no way to get the older versions of 3ds max or any of the havok content tools legally. So your best bet would be to learn/use blender instead. You could try this, but you'll have to use the vanilla skeleton as I don't think the author ever got around to doing it with the XP32 skeleton. It's rather simple to use. Just open one of the blender saves, make your pose/animation, run the script (it'll be on the right hand side when you open the .blend file) and then run the .bat file that comes with the download to get a hkx file. There are also instructions that come with the download. (probably explain it better.) You can use Blender 2.62 and above.
  6. [3ds Max] [Skyrim] Video: Animation Tutorial

    ​You shouldn't need to control any of the actual bones. The controllers are all you need. For example if you click on the foot controller (pink) on the right hand side click the modify icon. Looks like a blue rainbow You will see things like this: ​ Look on the right hand side. You'll be able to change different values to get things just the way you want them. Also works for the green ball above the hand: ​ You'll be able to move the fingers this way by tweaking the values on the right. Also under the preset drop down menu you can do things like open, close, point and more. And for the elbow you can use the green ball above the shoulder or any of the green arm controllers going down the arm: Just click on one and you can adjust the elbow with the right side.​
  7. [3ds Max] [Skyrim] Video: Animation Tutorial

    You could either: Un-hide layers from your layers menu. ​Or click the twelfth icon across in that menu to display hidden objects.
  8. Initially I thought it was a hand scale issue which you can find the answer for here. However, looking more closely and comparing screenshots, it looks like you might have a high heels mod that needs to be turned off. If you want to use CBBE with this rig, you'd need to reskin it, of which there's a quick and dirty guide in my other thread in the main post. Nightasy has a tutorial somewhere on how to properly reskin something. Same method as adapting armor pieces to a different body. Some might also call this process 'rigging' for when you're searching. Thank you. After uninstalling hdt heels and resizing the hands it seems to be fixed. Animations are matching 3ds max much better. Also my CBBE body is HDT. So I just use "CBBE Meshes for Outfits" over at Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- It's meant to be for making outfits but it works perfectly fine with 3ds max and doesn't require skinning the body. Thanks again.
  9. [3ds Max] [Skyrim] Video: Animation Tutorial

    Walk me through your export procedure from 3ds max to HCT, because with 2010 version you can export straight to hkx. What version of HCT are you using?
  10. ​So I made a rather janky animation at the moment to test something out. My issue is the skeleton I think. But not 100% sure. What I do in 3ds max doesn't correspond to what is shown in Skyrim. For example: Look at the gifs and you will see the 3ds max gif and then how it looks in-game. 3ds Max 2012 (NSFW) Look at the ass to dick space? Lol and the hands on the female and giant. ​ ​ What it looks like in-game. (NSFW) As you can see the hands are floating an inch or so above the giants arm and the ass to dick space is huge (kinda). Is there a fix for this? Side Notes: I couldn't load my custom body in (CBBE HDT) as it gets deformed a lot. So using the CBBE resource body without the HDT. I use pornphiles rig for the female and leitos for the giant, but the skeleton I use in-game is XPMSE. I don't know how to export with that skeleton as everything either crashes (3ds max) or the body goes crazy. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. [3ds Max] [Skyrim] Video: Animation Tutorial

    What version of 3ds max are you running? Also a quote from this posts FAQ: ​ I believe to get it working you'd need to use the vanilla female beast skeleton and then import the idle animation for animations to look right. Then edit it. I haven't messed around with this yet so can't provide any help.
  12. [3ds Max] [Skyrim] Video: Animation Tutorial

    If you go to your scripts/startup folder the scoundrel is in there. I forgot what script it is at the moment, but how I found out is by taking all my startup scripts out, putting one in at a time, starting 3ds max and seeing if I got the error. Keep doing that until you get the error then delete the script that gives you the error. I'm sure it's not important. I did it and haven't encountered any issues yet. XD The missing external files are just the textures. You don't need them as the body doesn't matter apart from being a reference for animation. You can find a head mesh in Data > meshes > actors > character > character assets > femalehead.nif You can use BSAopt to look through/extract things from skyrim. It depends on what your fps is set to. By default it's 30 so that means at a speed of 1x @ 30 frames = 1 second in Skyrim
  13. mod orginizer problem

    Try going into NMM settings and check "Associate with NXM URLs" then restart NMM. Or uncheck it and re-check it and restart NMM. But I too advise you use MO. It's much better. That's just my opinion though.
  14. Is there a guide to install mods after Sexlab?

    ​No one can give you a "guide" as it depends what you like, for example, You might not like bestiality so that would take a few mods off your list. This is what I'd do. Could be wrong, but my game hardly crashes. Note: Read a lot - make sure to read every pages requirements so you have everything that's required. *You should be using MO in my opinion* I did it this way for MO. This install order probably wont work for NMM. ​Creature Framework ​More Nasty Critters Zaz Animation Pack ​Devious Devices - Assets/Integration/Expansion ​Defeat ​​SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim ​SexLab Animation Loader SLAL Animation Packs - Leito/SirNibbles/FunnyBizness/Anubis(Human&Creature) - These are just the ones I know off/use there are loads more. You could also try: SL Animation Loader - Pack Collection and Installation Guide - It install loads of packs in one I believe, but I haven't used it myself so can't help with that. Also make sure you have FNIS XXL. Estrus Chaurus+ ​Solutions Some quests maybe - The Animal Mansion Redux/Captured Dreams Shop/Sex Slaves/Sisterhood of Dibella/Amorous Adventures - More ​Alternate Start - Live Another Life Then just keep adding to it. This might be the completely wrong way to do things but honestly it's just trial and error. If your game is crashes just fiddle around with the load order. What's the worst that can happen? You crash more? If you read forums and other pages you'll pick up on the correct load order eventually. This is mainly sex orientated mods (apart from the last one. But it can be if you install other mods that add too it.)