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  1. Started a new game and rushed it with coc/speedmult. arrived at the barrow and word wall didn't work, ran mcm install tests and suddenly it did. will continue testing to see if i can get a better clue, not satisfied with this as a problem desc yet.
  2. 1) SE 2) SE V0.5 3) New game 4) SLave overwrites unofficial patch wordwalltrigger 5) this is a difficult question, not knowingly. I may start another new game to test more carefully. 6) the SLave animations can get stuck/loop especially if they trigger near a word wall.
  3. I'm having word wall troubles, retrieving the dragon stone everything went as expected, but in ustengrav, and in the sepulcher i'm unable to trigger the wall. removing slave_se 8.01 clears the trouble (at ustengrav anyhow) , i'm suspecting a conflict someplace, but that's going to take a while to eliminate as a possibility. suggestions on things to try would be appreciated, tried whirlwind sprint, and tpc, no joy. otherwise may just need to use the console to add the shouts.
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