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  1. Without a version of Aroused, this mod would be more or less useless on SE.
  2. Is XPMSE the last item you installed, such that nothing else overwrote its files?
  3. Hmm, there's an awful lot of DD-related errors in your Papyrus log. Usually that happens when someone doesn't clean a save before upgrading major versions. I'm afraid I don't know how to use the mess that is NMM, I work with the clean-room environment of Mod Organizer. I can't really provide much advice beyond this point except to make sure that the output from FNIS is actually going where it needs to in your data folder.
  4. Do you happen to have a screenshot? I'm curious what the top looked like, what the controversy was.
  5. You nailed it in your second paragraph. I have very limited time, and really only had the time to do the compatibility update because I had a 1-day work week this week. I'll eventually get new devices added, but again, I cannot promise when that will happen, and honestly, I really need to completely rewrite my equip/unequip code first before I continue to add devices. That's the spirit!
  6. You can configure which bindings appear on your character. For example, you can disable the gag and arm bindings so that your character can function a little more "normally".
  7. I discovered a small bug in the ESP that may cause the mod to stop working and spam the Papyrus log. Specifically, it was an undeclared property. This has been fixed. If the mod has stopped working for you, and you cannot find a reason why, you need to make a clean save. Short version: Delete mod, load game, save game, clean save, install newest version, load cleaned save, configure and have fun.
  8. You have to change it in 2 places in the Creation Kit - the ArmorAddon (which you did), and the Armor itself (which you didn't).
  9. 67 total (including properties that already existed pre-4.0), 11 that I had to hand-edit because they can't/won't auto-fill.
  10. Technically, you only need to do arm bindings (armbinders, yokes, handcuffs) to function. For full compatibility, though, you have to touch everything. In my experience, 26 or 27 of the new parameters will auto-fill without issue, but there are a number of new escape option parameters that have to be manually plugged in every time. Example screenshots from an armbinder: And from a harness:
  11. That was a ridiculous number of new parameters I had to add/edit on every existing device, but I'm finally done! This is just a maintenance release to bring things up to speed with DDI and DDX 4.0, there is NO new functionality or features.
  12. Any chance of a UUNP Bodyslide version of this? (Yeah, yeah, I know I'm making one of *THOSE* requests.)
  13. Holy crap, I had no idea such an argument was taking place! I have some quick thoughts to direct to both of you, after which I will not attempt to continue this pointless argument. Kimy: Do you not understand that people NEVER like having choices taken away from them? That's what you did with the 4.0 framework changes - you removed player choices and customization. You may feel it was a better decision from a development standpoint, but you seem to be deliberately ignoring the inherent negativity of taking things away. You've enabled yourself to deliver a carefull
  14. Are you using Mod Organizer (yes please!), NMM (err, ok?), or manual install (booo!)? Also, you upgraded from DDI and DDX 3.x to 4.0 without cleaning your save, didn't you?
  15. You forgot to select the "Skeleton Arm Fix" when running FNIS.
  16. HDT-PE provides the hook for physics outside of specially coded world objects. The rest is handled by the various mods. You don't need HDT Breast and Butt, as the meshes you get from BodySlide already have HDT physics attached (assuming you build one of the physics bodies instead of one of the static bodies).
  17. Holy fucking hell, that's quite a load order! I'll admit I got glazed eyes about halfway through, but I didn't see any issues except for the fact that XPMSE doesn't appear to be at the bottom of your load order. Make sure it's the *LAST* mod you install, so that nothing overwrites it, and that the ESP is also at the bottom of your load order.
  18. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996/ https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000 Make sure you have EXACTLY those two mods installed. Make sure XPMSE is the last thing you install, so that NOTHING overwrites it.
  19. I slightly updated/clarified my post after you quoted it, you should probably re-read it. RRF likely isn't a master for anything you have installed, mod authors just include it as a "requirement" because they're assholes who want to force unrelated personal preferences on their users. It's the same group of people who say "requires this clothing replacer mod", when it doesn't actually contribute anything to the mod you're trying to use. You can just re-run FNIS, it'll overwrite itself.
  20. It looks like you're running a very old version of the XPMSE skeleton. Make sure you have the latest version from HERE or HERE. It also needs to be the last item in your load order. (You most likely don't need the ESP activated, either. It just takes up Papyrus CPU cycles.) The current version of XPMSE outputs this to FNIS: Don't use the gender specific animations option unless one or more of your mods that add animations specifically calls for it. If you do choose to keep XPMSE.esp activated, then get rid of Realistic Ragdoll Force - it's obsolete. XPMS
  21. Yes you can run them both together. What's your load order?
  22. You seem to be the exception, not the rule. The significant framework changes with DD4 really should break the arm bindings. I do plan to incorporate new stuff when I have time, but right now I'm working a construction job that's 40+ hours per week, 3+ hours away from home, staying in a hotel all week. When I'm home for the weekends, I just want to rest, and can't really bring myself to work on much of anything. I'm not abandoning the project, but it is definitely on the back-burner for now.
  23. I assume you selected the CBBE option when installing? Did you build the cuirass in BodySlide? As for the masks, have any of your mods replaced the textures for Dwarven armor?
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