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  1. It's possible something about corsets changed in the new DD release. I'll see if I can carve out some time to look into it.
  2. I'm glad you understand. I am opposed to any regression in intelligence, as it treads a little too close to subjects of pedophilia for my comfort. In a similar vein, I'm not into people acting or dressing like animals because I find bestiality to be disgusting. Fortunately for everyone into those things, there are other mods here that can cater to you.
  3. Don't use HDT high heels. It old and archaic, and comes with problems such as what you describe (as well as preventing enchanting your boots, random physics errors and/or crashes, performance loss, etc.). Convert them over to NIO instead.
  4. Plans? Yes. Timeline to implement them? No. As for the pet suit, not going to happen. I find such things appalling.
  5. Thanks for the heads-up. When I get a chance, I'll look into it.
  6. I bet you're using the wrong skeleton, as you wrote "xpms" instead of "xpmse". Grab this one and put it at the VERY BOTTOM of your load order (so nothing overwrites it):
  7. Andy14 is giving bad advice. TBBP is ancient, and I honestly don't know why it's still being distributed with BodySlide. Make sure you install the XPMSE version linked above, and put it at the very bottom of your load order. Do not use Realistic Ragdolls and Force. Build the HDT body, not the TBBP body. Download and install FNIS and run it with the skeleton arm fix. Also, you haven't talked about it yet, but just in case: don't use RaceMenu adjustments to your body, only make adjustments in BodySlide. That will fix your issues. Issues with disproportion
  8. You should also ditch "Realistic Ragdolls and Force", it's obsolete.
  9. Anywhere that has the LocTypeDwarvenAutomatons keyword: The basic idea is that the Dwemer frame which binds you can function autonomously, capturing women who are foolish enough to stray into Dwemer ruins that are still actively guarded.
  10. There was a suggestion a while back that, the first time it happens, the player should be approached by a city guard and given an explanation. I like that idea, but rejected it because I haven't the first clue on how AI movement packages work, nor do I know how to do any dialogue, let alone forced dialogue. If someone is willing to write up an AI package and make the appropriate dialogue entries, I'd be quite happy to incorporate it into the main project and provide appropriate credit. (I might edit the dialogue to my liking, though...)
  11. SkyRe is ancient. DO NOT downloaded the separate patches (if you can even find them anywhere!) as they are also ancient. USLEEP is the only supported unofficial patch.
  12. TIE Fighter (for DOS) The Curse of Monkey Island (for Win95)
  13. That is how I run my FNIS install (in MO1, mind you...), and as a result, I've never had any T-pose issues.
  14. No game development company will ever recruit this way, nor would they be caught dead allowing a representative to have incorrect grammar, spelling, shortcut words ("u" instead of "you", for example), etc. in an official communication beyond Twitter. No game development company will ever ask you to create new works prior to signing a contract and negotiating payment, they'll just ask for a portfolio and CV. Valve doesn't own Battlefield, nor do they own The Sims. Those are both owned by EA, and are developed by DICE and Maxis, respectively. Someone is trying to get yo
  15. I haven't gotten around to it yet due to work, but the "quick and dirty" port should work fine - it did in my initial testing.
  16. It's from Devious Devices, all of which have been ported (models) to Fallout 4, but not all of which have been implemented in-game (as far as I am aware, at any rate).
  17. Also make sure the animations have been converted over to be SSE compatible.
  18. Given that last sentence, I'm pretty sure you're right that the author just hates LoversLab. It probably works fine. This whole statement is full of bullshit anyway.
  19. Until Tannin (or his boss[es]) pull(s) his/their head(s) out of his/their ass(es) and go back to using a virtual file system rather than installing files directly to the game directory, Mod Organizer will always be superior.
  20. I *HIGHLY* recommend getting Notepad++ for stuff like this. Its syntax highlighting and collapsible code blocks are INVALUABLE! Bottom brackets were messed up. Try this: { "modName": "SynthPlayer", "displayName": "Synth Player", "minMcmVersion": 2, "pluginRequirements": ["SynthPlayer.esp"], "content": [ { "text": "Mode to simulate robotic functions and needs of the player being a Synth ", "type": "text" }, { "type": "spacer", "numLines": 1 }, { "text": "Hotkeys", "type": "section" }, { "id": "TurboOverClockHotkey", "text": "
  21. Locations, weather patterns, phases of the moon, etc. are all currently outside of the scope of what I originally and still planned for this mod. In fact, I mostly consider it to be feature-complete, to be honest. As for Sexlab and beds, I'm not actually sure how that works. Very much this. I expressed an opinion, and am leaving it at that. I added the option for you, Yuni, so that shows I'm not letting my personal feelings get in the way of a reasonable request. In fact, I only mentioned it because you engaged me directly with
  22. You are missing a fuck-ton of " and : in your code. Look at the first few entries at the top, then look at everything you added in the rest. Notice all the quotes and colons? Those are NECESSARY! JSON is a literal-interpretation code structure. That means syntax has to be exact, and it will not try to guess at your meaning.
  23. First: eww. Second: I need to switch it to check Sexlab gender rather than game gender. I'll patch it soon. EDIT: Done. New version uploaded.
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