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  1. Intended behavior, unless I'm missing something? As far as I'm aware, Devious Devices aren't supposed to prevent you from riding a horse. In fact, there is (or was) a plugs event called "mounted". I'm not aware of any keywords that would block transformations?
  2. Bool Property PlayerIsWerewolf = False Auto Hidden Bool Property PlayerIsVampireLord = False Auto Hidden Spell Property WerewolfChange Auto Spell Property DLC1VampireChange Auto Spell Property DLC1RevertForm Auto Faction Property PlayerWerewolfFaction Auto Faction Property DLC1PlayerVampireLordFaction Auto If(PlayerRef.IsInFaction(PlayerWerewolfFaction)) PlayerWerewolfQuest.SetStage(100) ;Also force out Vampire Lords. ElseIf(PlayerRef.IsInFaction(DLC1PlayerVampireLordFaction)) DLC1RevertForm.RemoteCast(PlayerRef, PlayerRef, PlayerRef) EndIf ;Now, let's not let them turn back into a Werewol
  3. I'm done. You clearly: Don't know what you're talking about. Don't want to learn. Have fun!
  4. Slinging names around is not a good way to win friends or influence people, and might get actions taken against you by the moderation team. It is, after all, against the rules. Please remain civil. With that out of the way, the author of FNIS even acknowledges the issue: So I don't know what you hope to gain, but the person who ADDED THE ABILITY TO MOD EXTRA ANIMATIONS INTO THE GAME acknowledges that extra animations WILL cause you to CTD a lot on load if you add too many. I honestly don't know why you're arguing the point. It's extremely-well established tha
  5. If you don't experience crashing that often, you're not trying very hard with your modding. The easiest way to crash like that is to install Sexlab and one or two animation packs for SLAL. Boom. Instant repeatable crashing upon initial save load. Again, go and read the technical details of the linked mod. It explains what happens, why it happens, and why this fix is necessary.
  6. Can confirm, works as advertised. The mod author has a nice technical break-down of what's happening behind-the-scenes in the code, what a race-condition is, and why limiting save loads to a single core fixes it. That mod dropped me from crashing about 5 of every 6 loads to not crashing on load at all.
  7. Thanks, that helped out some. I also added a little extra to take away the transform power while bound. New version uploaded!
  8. OK, you just found a massive, glaring oversight. ? I'll try to find some time to figure out how to override transformations (werewolf, vampire).
  9. Just re-install, selecting UUNP as your body type instead of CBBE. Then re-build in BodySlide.
  10. No. I will always try to support the latest release, and nothing but. If I were to offer an older version for download, I'd be expected to support it, and I am not interested in potentially bug-fixing old, obsolete code. Incidentally, v1.2 will be going away soon (now) for the same reason - it doesn't appear necessary to provide it anymore, as the incredibly frustrating underlying bug with installing newer versions appears to have been corrected; or at least, no one is complaining about it anymore.
  11. It probably has something to do with their latest sweep to clean house because they were removed from the Apple App Store. Apparently it was discovered that the app could serve pages which host child pornography. https://www.newsweek.com/tumblr-deleted-apple-child-sex-exploitation-app-store-ios-microblogging-1226989 It'll likely settle down in a week or two. Meantime, I'm sincerely hopeful they purge the child porn off their platform!
  12. I didn't find that one when searching through some of the new devices. Let me know if it's an issue?
  13. Bool Function ArmbinderEnable() If((CBMCM.ArmbinderMenuSelectedOption > 0) && ((!CBMCM.Random) || ((CBMCM.Random) && (CBMCM.RandomSelectedBindings.Find(0) >= 0))) && \ (SelectArmbinder()) && (!PlayerRef.WornHasKeyword(zad_DeviousHeavyBondage)) && (!PlayerRef.WornHasKeyword(zad_DeviousArmbinder)) && (!PlayerRef.WornHasKeyword(zad_DeviousYoke)) && \ (!PlayerRef.WornHasKeyword(zad_DeviousYokeBB)) && (!PlayerRef.WornHasKeyword(zad_DeviousCuffsFront)) && (!PlayerRef.WornHasKeyword(zad_DeviousPetSuit)) && \ (!P
  14. Not right now, that requires additional work. I don't want to add new devices until I do a code refactor, which I haven't even started because it's a monumental undertaking. ?
  15. Thanks for that, I believe I've fixed compatibility with these new devices, though I haven't actually tested it. Please let me know if there are any more issues you run into.
  16. If you've got a list, I'll try to take a look at them this weekend.
  17. I generally make female characters now-a-days. I used to make male characters (because I am a guy), but I ultimately switched for a few reasons: Women are nicer to look at. Clothed or not, modest or slutty, the feminine form is more aesthetically pleasing, to both men and women alike. Most male voice actors are incredibly generic sounding. They're almost always trying for a neutral "not-quite-tough guy" sound, so they all tend to blend together. See the Mass Effect series for a great example of this - the woman who did the Shepherd voice acting produces a much wider range of em
  18. Try the safeword release button in debug options? I haven't had a chance to sit down and work through some of the edge-cases from the DD update, unfortunately. The code I use doesn't care much about specific slots, it's looking for keywords in a wide range of slots:
  19. Skeleton issue. It's always a skeleton issue. (Re)Install XPMSE. Keep it at the bottom of your load order and don't let anything overwrite any of its files.
  20. Deviously Cursed Loot. Disable the Bondage Adventure option.
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