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  1. I'm curious what the point of this thread is? Memory allocations aren't a magic bullet for fixing all the crashes in Skyrim, that is (to borrow a poorly-used phrase) "public domain" knowledge. To try and claim otherwise is just naive. In fact, there's a good reason why it's no longer a default option in the SKSE mod "Crash Fixes" - it messes with other parts of the engine that expect memory to be allocated a certain way. Example: graphics code. People who like to use ENB end up having to make all sorts of configuration changes all over the place in order to keep the UseOSAllocators=1 conf
  2. You're confusing the mod "Load Game CTD Fix" with the memory modification quoted above. They are two different things. No, the memory modification is not a one-size-fits-all setting, but "Load Game CTD Fix" WILL correct the crash-on-load issue that occurs because of heavily-modded games not having sufficient time to load all assets before another thread tries to access that data. Also, most people DON'T have "Load Game CTD Fix" in their load order. Most people use "Continue Game No Crash" or similar mods which don't actually address the underlying issue.
  3. Still a skeleton issue. Make sure the latest version of this is the only skeleton mod you use, and it is dead-last in your install order: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000/ Also make sure you run FNIS and check the "skeleton arm fix" patch.
  4. This utility MAY be of some use to you, but I'm not sure if it is compatible with SSE or not. Also, be sure to read all the directions very carefully before using it, so you understand what it does. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3786-netimmerse-override-cleaner-skse-co-save-cleaner-utility/
  5. I don't know why I keep having to explain this. Straight from FNIS's page on Nexus Mods: Load Game CTD Fix corrects the underlying multi-threaded race condition that causes this crash. Period. No other workarounds or kludgy-fixes required.
  6. I believe it is the number of animations that is causing you to crash. Before you try removing animation packs, try installing this SKSE mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/85443 It fixes a crash-on-load issue that occurs with heavily-modded Skyrim installs. Large numbers of extra animations are one of the most common ways to trigger the crash that this fixes.
  7. Skeleton issue. Re-install XPMSE, keep its files last in your load order. Don't let anything overwrite it.
  8. Glad you're enjoying it! There is currently no way to add items without recompiling the mod - all items have had their script settings modified and keywords added so that they cannot be removed by any typical means. Certain items (such as pony boots) have not been added because of my personal preferences, so they are unlikely to appear if I ever find the time to get back to this project. As for saving your current outfit, that's not something I've looked into doing. I suppose it is possible, but it would require some work to implement. I'm not sure if I wan
  9. Not likely. If someone is willing to port it, I'll host it in the downloads, but I can't even find the time to update the LE version right now, let alone go through all the code changes that may be required to port it.
  10. "I only use terminal environments because GUI is too mainstream." ?
  11. Nope, got you covered: If(PlayerRef.IsOnMount()) ;We probably don't want to kick the player off their mount, so let's check this one too. If(SLRConfig.LoggingLevelMenuSelectedOption != 2) Debug.Trace("[SLR] SAFETY ERROR: Player is on a mount.") EndIf Return False EndIf
  12. Mod Organizer: Skyrim Legendary Edition (32bit) Mod Organizer 2: Skyrim Special Edition (64bit), Fallout 4 Vortex: Nexus Mod Manager with a new skin, still uses the same faulty method of copying files into the actual install directory - don't use it!
  13. Yes, this is a NMM problem. NMM has to physically move the files into the install directory, and relies on a complex set of lists to determine the order in which files are installed. When you change profiles, it has to uninstall them in reverse order (in an attempt to prevent corruption), replacing overwritten files as it uninstalls mods, then install the new set of mods in specific order. This is the biggest problem that Mod Organizer solved with its virtually directory structure system, and it's why you should invest the effort to convert. Mod Organizer writes the files to its
  14. I suggest you update to the new DD mods. I don't want people distributing older versions of my mod, as I will not provide support for them.
  15. I have not tested this, but it would seem your issue is because the follower(s) you are using aren't using the follower faction. I've put together a quick script patch to also check IsPlayerTeammate(). Original mod required, just copy this script patch into CombatArousal's mod folder, overwriting the existing scripts. Let me know if it works? CombatArousal Patch 1.zip
  16. I haven't looked at the mod yet, but I might take a crack at it. If I don't post again, then assume I'm NOT working on it.
  17. If I had to guess, you had something from Devious Training forcibly occupying a slot that the Dwemer Cuirass was trying to fill, which is why it wouldn't equip. That likely left you in a bugged state. I need to do another update regarding some keywords and such anyway, so I'll work on some additional fail-safes in case equipment doesn't... equip.
  18. I cannot provide info on how to fix it, and I'm probably getting the technical terms wrong, but it looks like the "bone" in the pistol model that is used to align it in your hand is set too high, so that the other "bone" that determines where the animated portion of the pistol (the slide) lines up is falling into the model. Or vice versa.
  19. Not really an issue per say. Armbinders have known limitations. If you want to use the smithy, you either need to disable armbinders as an option or use the safeword to get out temporarily. I don't use (nor do I plan to use) Devious Training, as the entire concept seems to me to be a massive change to the core functionality of Devious Devices. That it breaks other Devious mods does not surprise me in the slightest. I'd recommend uninstalling Devious Training. As for the cuirass, do you have reliable steps to reproduce that issue? I thought I'd fixed the a
  20. I have highlighted the issue in red. Either remove that mod, or find a version that is 32bit Skyrim LE compatible.
  21. This is what I get for having a very limited amount of time to work on this at this point - no time to really test, no time to investigate... ? Thanks for the additional help, I'll get an update out soon. Not sure if I can use any of those keywords as-is, since I want players to still have the option for bound combat if they choose to enable it, but this puts me on the right track. Thanks for the info.
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