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  1. That's actually not a bad idea, dialogue shouldn't be terribly difficult to implement. Perhaps in the future, when I have time...
  2. Sorry, nope. And probably not going to be supported, either. I couldn't wrap my head around how SLSO worked.
  3. You need to use a physics-enabled body. CBBE HDT has basic physics (jiggle), but as I am a UUNP user, I cannot say if it has anything more than that. Specifically, your body needs collision in the hands model to prevent clipping with the breasts, and it needs a belly node for HDT belly support.
  4. Chances are you've got a very script-heavy install, then. I cannot reproduce script lag anywhere near that severe.
  5. You probably need to do a "clean" install. Remove the mod, clean your save, re-install the latest version.
  6. That shouldn't be difficult or take too long, something I might actually have time for... I'll see if I can write a quick update soon.
  7. OK, I'll be a little more forthcoming. Pony play (while not my personal preference either) seems to be the only way anyone wants to make a mod related to carriages, and I doubt you're going to change that. This is a case of "if you want it, do it yourself", unfortunately.
  8. Stop using NMM? It tends to confuse people because you have to install everything in exact orders, and has a tendency to break often. Use Mod Organizer.
  9. This list does not address the sun glare issue, it only changes other aspects of the Pipboy.
  10. Re-install XPMSE, making sure you grab the latest version. Put it LAST in your load order and do not let ANYTHING overwrite it.
  11. Not at this time. This mod is on hold indefinitely because I just don't have time to work on it. Also, aside from the new chains, I'm not aware of any real (visible, anyway) differences in the plugs and piercings in DDa, DDe, DDi?
  12. If it is still pointing to an ESP version, chances are it is so old that it isn't compatible anymore. I'd remove it from your load order, unless you know how to update it to be compatible with the newest framework.
  13. Add the FNIS and DynDOLOD executables to the drop-down menu of programs in MO2. Run them that way.
  14. I'm curious how you think I'm dragging your name through this at all? This post is the first time I'll be addressing you. I've looked at your work, your A-cup skin still has breasts and a shader to define them. It doesn't qualify as flat-chested, so it doesn't trip over Rule 14. Consider that an apology if you need to, but you took insult over nothing.
  15. "Small breathed" (I assume you meant "small breasted") is NOT the same as "flat chested". If you've really been around since 2013, you should know by now how defensive people get about this topic. I was not accusing you, personally, of anything. It is not my fault that YOU made assumptions and leaps in "logic" to conclude that I was calling you a pedo. I really do have nothing to apologize for. Leave your assumptions at the door and re-read everything I posted, you'll see no accusations. I simply stated the rule that prohibits posting flat-chested skins, provided an
  16. I assume nothing other than this: if someone were to provide the skin you seek, then it can (and will) be used by others seeking to create child porn simulators. LoversLab cannot afford anything that leads to such things.
  17. Historically, requests to eliminate breasts on female character models have been locked and deleted for the exact reason I linked in my previous post.
  18. Rule 14: Flat-chested generally qualifies as attempting to depict under-aged characters.
  19. I'm not seeing anything that would cause such a result, but I'm also not able to test in-game right now. - my computer is choking on a bunch of video transcoding tasks. To be clear, you're summoning CityBondage_DwarvenDDHelmet_Inventory to your inventory to manually test, right?
  20. 1. Yes 2. No If you've had City Bondage installed in the past, you will likely need to clean your save. If this is a clean save and/or a first-time install, it should automatically show up within a minute or so of installing. If it isn't, try a quick-save and quick-load. If that still doesn't work, then the MCM-not-initializing bug is apparently still present, just a lot more rare than it used to be.
  21. I'm not in front of my gaming rig right now, so I can't check. Is that UUNP or CBBE?
  22. You are committing the usual logical fallacy of assuming that I use ENB. I do not. I can, however, quote the bare minimum recommendations to fix known issues straight from Crash Fixes' page: That's just the tip of the iceberg...
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