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  1. To be honest, you're the first person I've ever conversed with that actually realized their error. I apologize if I seemed a little blunt and/or harsh, it's probably obvious I've given that explanation a few too many times. Thank you for acknowledging the hard work that mod authors put into their work.
  2. I did notice, hence why I commented. You're just as bad as the people who ask for an artist's work "for the exposure" rather than paying them. Hobby or not, they spent time and effort on those mods, and if they don't want to give it away for free, you shouldn't ask them to. If you can't pay for it, don't try to get it for free. You're embarrassing yourself and insulting the person/people who worked hard on the work that they'd rather be compensated for.
  3. If/when I find the time and the motivation, at the same time. I do not have an ETA to provide, unfortunately.
  4. This mod does not include any device models other than the Dwarven suit. You'll need to have all (3) Devious Devices mods installed (Devices, Integration, Expansion) and build those items in BodySlide before you can see them in-game. As for the mod not showing up, to this day I still do not know why that happens. I have found ZERO resources, no one has had any answers, so I've stumbled around in the dark entirely on my own to try and solve it. I thought I had a solution, but you're one of a small minority that still can't seem to get the MCM menu.
  5. People are entitled to the fruits of their labor. Even if the mods are designed with and for a particular game, they still own the rights to the work they contributed. If they wish to charge for that, not only is it that not illegal (in most cases), it's also incredibly rude that you're essentially demanding that they give it to you. It's tantamount to slavery - "you must work for free so that I can enjoy something you did". Stop whining. Pay up or move on. EDIT: I'll further contribute to my argument above with the following quote from Ryan Morrison, who also goes
  6. The Nexus has driven away a significant portion of its intelligent user-base, so yes. People here tend to be smarter and more capable of critical thinking. Nexus tends to attract people almost exclusively due to its monolithic nature - it tends to be the main source of mods for all the most popular games to mod (with Steam Workshop probably coming in second), so it gets the lowest common denominator of the online community. Also, even though Nexus gets some risqué mods, people who want truly adult entertainment have to look elsewhere. That's another significant difference.
  7. RX cards, in general, should be idling around 25-30C no higher than 45C and shouldn't peak above 75C-ish under full load. You definitely have a heat management issue. What does it do if you run the system with the side panel removed?
  8. Sounds an awful lot like you've pirated the game, and are trying to get help with that... 🤔
  9. Not true. Most modern "performance" cases are specifically designed with an intake fan filter at the bottom of the case for the PSU. The idea is for the PSU to have its own dedicated cooling "loop", where it sucks cold air in from below the case and exhausts it out the back of the case, without affecting the airflow in the rest of the case.
  10. Your GPU fans shouldn't be blowing "down", they should be blowing out the back of the case (if blower motor design) or sucking air up into the heatsink (if traditional twin or triple fan design). If you're blowing "down", then your fans are sucking hot air from above the GPU into the heatsink instead of sucking cooler air from below the GPU. What video card are you running? Some video cards naturally run hot. 80C is concerning, but not quite at the danger range of 90-100C.
  11. Traditionally, you have airflow enter the case from the front, side, and bottom (if applicable, such as your PSU), and exit from the rear and top. If you only have one exhaust fan, use the rear. Source: I used to build custom computers for a living.
  12. Did you use RaceMenu morphs on your character in-game? If so, reset them.
  13. If Sexlab is informing you that you have an old version of Skyrim SE, then you need to open Steam and BUY the game.
  14. Could you be more specific? What isn't working about them?
  15. This usually happens if you have something suddenly change your equipped weapons/spells without cycling the appropriate animations or calling the usual inventory routines. It can be fixed by equipping a different weapon or spell, which resets your character state to one that the software expects.
  16. I think I'm the only person so far to point a finger at LL's mods. Everyone else has talked about mods on other websites. And for the record, while I believe LL's mods power trip a little too much, they're definitely far from the worst offenders. That's why I'm still here.
  17. I'm amused that we can now openly blame leftists for causing the problems that they do. I once blamed the "liberal thought police" for some stuff, and got reprimanded for it. Now we can openly call them out for their bullshit? Awesome! On a more serious note, I generally agree that people are leaving for reasons that have already been posted: Lack of new games, and existing ideas have already been explored Overzealous, power-tripping moderators Leftists / liberals trying to argue everyone into conformity Life in general getting in the way ... and I pr
  18. I don't know what RPG's you're playing, but necromancy and summoning are generally considered to both be evil or satanic - two sides of the same coin.
  19. Sorry it took longer than I originally said, I recently built a new computer, and SkyUI wasn't cooperating on my new Skyrim installation. The scan that this mod performs is not a very heavy, intensive scan, but if you're looking to save as much performance as possible without drastically reducing the functionality of this mod, then I'd recommend the following: Disable in-combat animations Increase the scan timer to 30 seconds Increase a few intervals between animation events See the attached screenshot for an example. I'd recommend playing around with the opt
  20. Expressions are not handled by this mod, you need to look into Sexlab itself for that, plus maybe animation packs? As for settings, I'll get back to you on that later this evening, when I'm in front of my gaming rig.
  21. If I understand correctly, you should be able to drop it right in with no conversion necessary, as long as you have all the prerequisite mods installed.
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