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  1. How about a option like configurable chance in MCM that the guards will keep player bound? Because there's no actual point in saying no to them, unless you *really* need to do something in town. And being left bound everytime is bad too. Oh and exclude from this, punishing events like petsuits or strict hobble dresses, coz they're, in my opinion, tidious in the context of leaving someone to the wild with them and will only result in loading a save. Also would of been immersive if there was a gag talk when you enter a town gagged. Also as a result will lower the chance of saying no
  2. Ok I couldn't recreate the thing but found another one. If say guards lock on me set of restraints and it includes collar. And then somebody change that collar to something else, when I go to the guard outside they remove that collar too even if it's a slave collar from Cursed Loot. So what happened is I got locked by a guard with devices included: belt, gag and collar and NO boots. Then through DCL gag dialogue it got swapped with full slave set of gag, belt, collar and shock boots(because I'm lucky like that) and after talking to the guard outside everything except boots was uneq
  3. Yeah but I don't think it has something to do with Devious Lore anymore. I have a few ideas, I'll try to break things again later.
  4. Oh also should mention that when you don't pay until second warning you get locked with ring gag AND hood. Seems excessive first of all, and there's issue of a gag clipping through a hood.
  5. Now that DD can do manipulated locks checks how about guards do more than lock shackles. (Numbers are represent low(1), medium(2), high(3) chances relatively) For example guards can approach PC with low willpower and start dialogue where will be some random outcomes: 1. If player doesn't wear hand restraint they have chance to convince that they're not a slave(1); 2. Chance to get restrained with armbinder or normal shackles, and maybe gag if too noisy about it(2); 3. Or most likely as of right now forced to find a follower(3). And if *do* wear han
  6. Damn I started new game to test that and it works. But I recently started with a new save when DCL got updated... Things broke somehow, I have no idea. Edit: Yeh, it did broke. Loaded earlier save - works there.
  7. Oh yeah that's definitely a mod fence, don't remember exactly wich one tho. Inconsequential NPCs maybe. Eh, not that funny anymore Yeah. But if I go to the kennel keeper, he removes items even non-generic, but puts them back on when I leave. So it happens only when guards send me there.
  8. I find it funny when a fence refuses to buy items that I don't have license for. xd Btw when guards send me to kennel they can remove stuff like heavy yoke or high security belt and won't put back on after. smells like cheese
  9. That's not true I had 2. That's the thing I was saying it's very easy to find one. And then it breaks tention of being locked, even if it is 1 at a time. Yeah, it's hard to acquire one when you already tied up, but without a high chance to lose the key it's very easy to stuck up with couple of them and fear almost nothing.
  10. This sounds like first time experience with the mod. You don't enable hardcore mod on your first try. Not if I play with my console blocked in certain scenarios.😉 Also I don't know how and don't want to know :3 But.. what I propose is gonna satisfy one and won't hurt people who don't want that? Why seek the middle ground then? Unless it's hard to do ofcourse.
  11. Is it normal tho? You need a book if I recall correctly... don't know where it is.
  12. I don't understand then, why add cheat prevention thingy to lock one option when the second virtually undoes said cheat prevention? By adding this you acknowledge that the player is a "big boi" and should deal with consequences of their choice. After all there's "kept forever" option and you can also do same in dialogue. Wouldn't be logical then to add a 4th option to lock changes to decreace and growth rates, for people like me? It's not about self control it's about feeling that there's no way back after you overwrite auto saves. Ofcource again I can re-install mod to cheese that a
  13. Revisited the mod and I like now you added a little bit of hardcore mod. But it's kinda pointless when you can lock "kept below" but still can configure growth rate. For example I set kept below 50 so I need to work my way to freedom, but even if I lock it I still can cheese it by setting high growth rate.
  14. I kinda don't like how universal key removes everything automaticaly. And even if hands are tied? Also removes devices that don't require keys. 🤔 Would of been nice to have configurable drop chance of it too like for others. Tho for an extremely rare key it's not that rare. Piercing removal is way harder to find for example. I have a question about solicitation. Waaay back I remember in the patch notes was fix where NPCs didn't remove armbinders after sex. But since then NPCs didn't even put player in one to begin with. Is that intentional after all or not?
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