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  1. HI newly , the time of animations is to long above 400 second even more. why?
  2. HI. you made a glass shower. great work . I have a suggestion. you make a "It's a Shower Tarp" with nylon or plastic that can be seen inside it. also thanks for your great animation.
  3. Hello TURBODRIVER 1.Thank you so much for WW (excellent work) 2.There are some ways for killing others in sims4. the idea is killing others woth WW. for example a condom poisoned with poison even a medicine rub on male's p... or female's b... or v... that cause death in opposite side. 3.When doing somhing that recorded in statictic and load a game that save befor this recorded the statictis show the latest not the statictis that in save game.My solution is delete WickedWhims.log
  4. hi and tank you for creating this mod (wickedwhims). when in body selector select (noir and dark) for penis and use condom in game. condom can not seen on penis but it works (pregnancy prevention).
  5. hi, in 2 new update of ww ( and ) sim statics dose not shown.
  6. I made bones for ass and vaginal in blender. it did not work in game. what should i do to work in game? any suggetion?
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